The Invisible Seen!

About us at deXmedio: an environment of social communication, information and media to think critically about the world we live in. Doubting established certainties is part of this process. This implies identifying the nexus of power, deceptions and simulations that we inhabit and occupy us.

About us… deXmedio


Nosotros… deXmedio /Quienes somos

Who are we? In short, a team. From one to one hundred people, a collective. Rather than by the number of members, by the concept. And, from one to one thousand attendees, an open-door proposal. Not because of an overflowing generosity or the inadmissible philanthropies of atonement, but out of necessity. It is not an option now to undertake any enterprise from isolation. In the media field, even less so.

Not only new and many words are urgently needed, but also united voices. Shouting is no longer enough. It is urgent to make a noise. Just as the sensory perception of the world is increasingly insufficient. It is necessary to hear, at this point, the inaudible. And to see the invisible. It is necessary to describe in detail what has never been seen before and to fully understand the confusion in which we live.

In no way, above all, can we continue to endure the social injustices that contain us, nor the mental imprisonment in which we believe hope survives. There is no longer any reason to endure the torture of living comfortably but indolently in the face of the suffering of others.

How can we remain unconcerned when we are aware of the armed trap into which we have fallen, and of being the hunted hunters we have become? Or when the future of those we love is darkened?

deXmedio is not the right window to look anywhere or any other nonsense to find out what is not happening. For that, the newscast or the portal of the dominant media are enough..

Let us together, however, let deXmedio be the crack through which we can lacerate a little of the dark. Let there be light! And, of course, no light will be made. But some of the darkness that surrounds us and much of the obscurantism that surrounds us will be unveiled. Between life and death, war and peace, happiness and misfortune? We are in the middle. We are deXmedio.

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