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Bibles for a coup d’état in Bolivia

Golpe de Estado en Bolivia: La tiniebla encendida (2).

The instigators of the revolt against Bolivia’s legal and constitutional order never cared about the evidence or the facts. One more of the unpresentable events of which the country’s history is replete, which led to the overthrow of the constitutional president, Evo Morales, and which counted on the connivance and intrigues of Luis Almagro.


Bibles for a coup d’état in Bolivia explains to a large extent what happened in Bolivia, where religious symbolic elements were used by the coup perpetrators. Bibles, crucifixes and religious imagery against the wiphala, representative flag of the native peoples, but also a patriotic symbol since 2009. Along with the confrontation in the streets, a contest of symbols. Of course, it was nonsensical and manipulative.

Conspiracy to commit a crime

Bolivia’s was a coup d’état of bandit and shocking superheroes. Of merchants who believe they are crusaders and military men who proclaim the God of Israel as their general commander. But not just any god, but Jehovah of hosts (Isaiah 37:16). Specifically, Jehovah Gibbor (Strong and warrior God).

A “Macho Camacho” (a Puerto Rican guaracha character), a Carlos Diego (a Mexican soap opera character), a Kaliman (a cartoon character). And a Barrenechea (who bawled because his uncontrolled coup police could be overwhelmed by the victims).

The extreme right-wing politician, Luis Camacho, has been the main driver of a coup d’état. A fierce individual who shields himself in the accusation of a fraud that he never proved in an electoral contest in which he did not want to participate. But Camacho is not alone in this conspiracy to commit a crime.

Bibles for a coup d’état

Camacho is grotesque. The typical ordinary guy with money that would make people laugh if it were not for the frightening adventure that his convictions and ideology imply for the country. For the indigenous majorities, of course. Someone whose lust for power is as poorly concealed behind the bulky Bible he carries as it is evident in front of the cameras.

Jeanine Áñez, another right-wing, ultra-conservative and advantageous politician, makes use of her voluminous Bible to appear in the front line of photos and power. By means of her copy of the Holy Scriptures this minor politician shows a holiness she does not have, and sets herself up as an authoritative political force. The book of “divine inspiration” serves to homologate its infernal coup. 

Nowhere in the world, at least during this century, Jesus Christ, faith, churches, religious symbology and creeds have been so manipulated and used as a political resource to confront the citizens of the same nation.

Something unacceptable, as pointed out by the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Argentina (Aciera), which groups more than fifteen thousand churches, in a communiqué issued in view of the critical situation, particularly in Bolivia and Chile (Infobae, 14 de noviembre de 2019).

Mesa without tablecloths

Carlos Mesa, the other opponent of the coup, said he did not recognize the legitimacy of Evo Morales’ candidacy, but participated in the electoral dispute. As he himself and everyone knew beforehand, including the pollsters hired, he lost.

He then dedicated himself to demand unheard of things, which, unusually, were granted by the Government. And that, as these claims were granted to him, he, one by one, rejected them. Denial after denial made it clear that his purposes were none other than to support the coup d’état.

Mesa asked for an international audit, and when he obtained it, he did not accept it. He demanded a second round, which he rejected when President Evo admitted even the untenable opinion of the OAS. Finally, with delay, as usual, he joined the call for the resignation of the legitimate president.

And Mesa mute

Mesa once again exhibited that which distinguished him in his days of ephemeral president: the indecisive personality to whom certainties arrive late. In this way, the mediocre candidate tarnished even more the bad image of ex-president earned with his mediocre government of carambola and third rate.

An advantageous paceño who returned from disrepute to play the role of a useful idiot of dangerous Santa Cruz interests. And who will soon be the annoying old piece of furniture that Camacho and the Medialuna will put aside. For the time being, several drawers have already been vacated.

Faced with the forced resignation of the president, the vice-president and the top of the government, Carlos Mesa did not know what to say or what to ask for. How could he know! His incomplete copy of the script provided by Washington barely got that far.

The precipitation of events revolved around the ability to unleash the breakdown of the current order based on simulated scenarios and half-disguised realities.

The ustachas of Camacho

But Camacho did know and he said it: “Mesa seeks’ his own interest” (Informe21).

That is, the second round, which would leave Camacho out…. We (“I”), said Camacho, “want a new electoral process” (that is, another election in which he can participate). And perhaps he will participate, because, although he is telling the truth, he is lying: it is true that he has not been a politician, at least not in the common sense of the term.

He was not a politician because an individual incapable of appearing the goodness he lacks is still not a politician. Although he notoriously strives to cover up his depravities. Moreover, with no party or supporters, no Twitter followers or convening power. And without trustworthiness or charisma.

His multifaceted occupations as a swindling businessman and fascist leader, arms smuggler and mafioso have surely not allowed him to do so. Nor his violent operations as supremacist, racist, separatist, late Falangist, terrorist and paramilitary. These are not light assertions of mine. A glance at Google is enough to verify it. There are plenty of reviews of his actions and first-person testimonies that show his character.

Of course, it’s nothing that can be solved in the blink of an eye. A few donors of ideas, funds and strategies are enough. Like USAID, perhaps, or voracious multinationals, like Chevron, ExxonMobil. Or cover organizations, such as the OAS or the Lima cartel. And, above all, as an Ustashe of the soul and weapons, the Croatian Branko Marinkovic. If the current seizure of authority is maintained, Bolivia will undoubtedly walk the tightrope of fascism.

Talk does not cover words

The civic committees are now calling for a democratic transition. What a joke! First: what the hell do they think the word civismo means? As far as the RAE dictionary says, it is the zeal for the institutions and interests of the homeland. Or it refers to the respectful behavior of the citizen with the rules of public coexistence.

As shown, even by those media that show their eagerness to clean their faces, the civic boys of Santa Cruz and the rest of the Medialuna are not as affable as they are portrayed. They give every now and then unbridled displays of their vandalism, racism, destruction and violence.

Second: where the fuck did this thing called democracy go, that those who have executed an anti-democratic and ferocious coup are now advocating for a democratic transition? Democracy is a one-way street: from the center (right) to the ultra-right. Anything goes to make societies move in that direction, from assassinations and sabotage to massacres and coups d’état.

The criminals are the groups that try to enforce the popular vote on the embers of the recently burned paper democracy. Protests against the blatant usurpation of power in the country are called “acts of vandalism”.

The OAS strikes

No matter how much the speeches deny it, the mainstream media disguise it or the experts excuse it, the coup against Evo was a shameless coup d’état. And the result of the brutal interference of the United States. A destabilization encouraged and financed by the triad of U.S. senators with Latino aliases: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez, and the henchmen scattered throughout the region.

The coup in Bolivia was the result of the brutal interference of the United States, encouraged, managed and financed by the triad of American senators with Latino aliases: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bob Menéndez …

The reasons for the discontent were never true, nor were the instigators of the revolt against the legal and constitutional order worthy of facts or evidence. At no time did the details of a non-existent fraud matter, nor did it matter that the falsehood of the accusations was revealed. They used brutal repression to silence nonconformities, and religious elements to mask their intentions. Bibles for a coup d’état, nothing more, nothing less.

The precipitation of the facts revolved around the capacity to unleash the rupture of the current order based on simulated scenarios and half-disguised realities. A tactic that, when it does not work, puts the perpetrators in trouble, as in the case of the governments of Chile and Ecuador, and that, if it works, overthrows presidents and structures in a matter of days, as in Bolivia.

That authentic figures and results lacked relevance is exemplified by the pronouncements of the OAS. The undeniable fact that in a report the organization itself points out that Morales’ victory in the first round of elections was not only possible, but probable. And it pronounced itself in the opposite direction of its own conclusions, recommending (“suggesting”) new elections (CEPR, November 10, 2019).


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