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Biden follows the same path as Trump – 1

Interview with José Antonio Egido

“Biden follows the same path as Trump”, first part of the interview given to dXmedio by Chilean journalist and writer Arnaldo Pérez Guerra.


“Biden follows the same path as Trump,” according to analyst and academic José Antonio Egido. Originally from San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, Egido holds a degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of the Basque Country and a PhD in Sociology from the Université de Provence, in Marseille, France, and has practiced at universities in China and Venezuela. In addition, he is the author of some twenty books and research papers focused on geopolitics, where he is an expert.

He resided in China and, for a long time, in Venezuela, teaching at the University of Chángchūn, in the Asian country, and at the Central University of Venezuela, the Latin American and Caribbean University, and the Institute of High Diplomatic Studies “Pedro Gual”, in Caracas.

For years, José Antonio Egido has collaborated in audiovisual media and counter-hegemonic writings.

United States, terrorism and Taliban

Arnaldo Pérez Guerra: What is happening in Afghanistan today, and is it possible to think that the United States prefers “controlled chaos” in that country in order to somehow attack Russia, China and Iran?

ANTONIO EGIDO: Different things are known about Afghanistan every day. Humanity did not know what was happening in Afghanistan, so the evaluation is complex, and it takes time… No one has, no matter how many intelligence forces they control, a clear diagnosis about what is happening there…

‘Managed chaos’ is possible, because twenty years is a long time for the United States not to have many different plans and scenarios.

There is an unknown agreement between the Trump administration and the Taliban, in the ‘terrorist’ Emirate of Qatar. Biden is saying that the ‘agreement’ is that ‘the Taliban would not attack the US’, and would ‘attack other forces’, but it is not yet known which forces.

Recently, a colleague from Telesur rejected my questioning the real withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan because, according to him, the ‘world press’ affirmed it without reservations… I was surprised that a journalist from a channel created to criticize the informative hegemonism of the hegemonic system’s media would rely on the ‘unanimity’ of that press.

Today, even the main leaders of the imperialist world: Angela Merkel, Joseph Borrell, the Spanish Minister of ‘defense’ -among others-, recognize that ‘the West’ (that is, the political order of the financial oligarchy they administer), ‘has failed in Afghanistan’.

Will the methodology of analysis be correct to take for granted that the enemies themselves recognize their failure and go out into the streets throwing rockets of joy while waiting for the democratic forces to break into the centers of power in Washington, London, Brussels, Madrid, Paris and Berlin?

If we apply elementary and superficial formal logic, it would seem so. However, if we look at other indicators it does not seem that following the mainstream press and rejoicing at the whining of top leaders is the only way to know what is going on.

Today, even the main leaders of the imperialist world: Angela Merkel, Joseph Borrell, the Spanish Minister of ‘defense’ -among others-, recognize that ‘the West’ (i.e. the political order of the financial oligarchy they administer), ‘has failed in Afghanistan’.

Let’s see: on August 24 and 25, the CIA’s top director, William Burns, met in Kabul, no less, with the leadership, or perhaps a fraction of it (all available information is difficult to confirm), of the ‘terrorist’ group (officially recognized as such by Russia and other countries) ‘Taliban’, apparently to coordinate the withdrawal of thousands of Western diplomats, agents and employees and their local sepoys. Just for that? Already Washington’s old Washington minion Borrell, head of the European Union’s external action, has stated that the hapless Central Asian country cannot be allowed to pass under the influence of Russia and China.

What else did the spy chief and these terrorists talk about, perhaps maintaining secret American bases in exchange for continuing to finance the local ultra-right elite as they have done for the last 40 years, not 20, since 1979, which has brought chaos to this country, or that these new masters of Kabul should provide some kind of ‘services’ to the CIA in exchange for some kind of consideration?

Let us recall two more facts. First, in the so-called ‘transitional government’ between Taliban and pro-American puppets sits one of the most sinister anti-communist genocidaires of the entire planet: Gulbudin Hekmatiar, leader of the local branch of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ who is blamed, among many other crimes, for the murder of 50,000 people when he took Kabul in April 1992. Second, the Tali-terrorists are already negotiating in the Panshir Valley with the son of another old CIA agent, Massud, liquidated by other friends of the CIA, Al Qaeda – of the Saudi Bin Laden.

Surely their aim is to bury their apparent differences in order to consolidate Islamo-fascist power under Tali-terrorist hegemony. Neighboring Iran is not happy with the collapse of the gringo colonial administration there. The pro-Leader of the Islamic Revolution Sheikh Abdul Karim Paz acknowledges that the Islam espoused by these tali-bandits is ‘very aberrant’.

We take the imperialist ringleaders at their word: their system has failed throughout humanity, it is inhuman and barbaric. We add the truism that it only serves to enrich the big shareholders and executives of the military industrial complex, the big oil multinationals and the rest of the capitalist monopolies.

It would be good to prepare competent experts in geopolitics trained in dialectical materialism, the philosophical basis for entering into the contradictory chaos in which the decadent capitalist mode of production in its imperialist phase is plunging us.

Syria, Lebanon and Palestine

Syria continues its fight against terrorism funded by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel, among others. What is the situation facing Syria today? Why is what is happening in that nation so important?

ANTONIO EGIDO: In Syria, unlike Afghanistan, there is a military defeat of the tactics of aggression designed by the United States, NATO countries, Israel, the Gulf monarchies, and Turkey, for years. The military objectives were not achieved in toppling the Syrian Arab Republic, assassinating President Bashar al-Assad and destroying the Arab Socialist Baath Party.

Syria continues to resist, but unfortunately there are two or three provinces that are totally or partially controlled by Turkey and its terrorist forces, or by the United States and its Kurdish mercenary forces. It is fundamental what is happening in Syria because unlike Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Panama, Grenada… they could not destroy it.

The United States, in the name of humanitarian aid to Syria, is carrying out operations to establish a neo-colonial emirate. The Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Miqdad, has denounced that the US mechanism of cross-border aid to the Arab country is pure hypocrisy and seeks to aid terrorism in order to prolong the current crisis in Syria.

The United States, in the name of humanitarian aid to Syria, is carrying out operations to establish a neo-colonial emirate.

This presence, this sinister American operation seeks, by supposedly peaceful but equally criminal means, to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic, to eliminate the Syrian president and his government, and to establish a neo-colonial emirate that will destroy the country.

Biden follows the same path as Trump

ANTONIO EGIDO: The U.S. government, presided by Joe Biden, follows the same path of former U.S. President Donald Trump to ‘weaken’ Damascus, because Syria is an ‘independent, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist’ country.Washington’s coercive measures against Damascus, such as sanctions, among others, seek to prevent the reconstruction of Syria, a country that has long suffered from terrorism and extremism.

But whatever happens, the U.S. forces in Syria will be kicked out by the Syrian people and their allies. The excellent Syrian Chancellor Mekdad, a Baathist with an anti-imperialist line, a former member of the Communist Party, demands the immediate departure of the US military from northeastern Syria backing the mercenary Kurds of YPD-SDF. They will leave sooner or later.

What is your opinion of what is currently happening in Lebanon and Palestine?

ANTONIO EGIDO: Palestine is a nation or a part of a dismembered Arab nation, fruit of the Israeli policy of aggression, but also of the very mistaken policy of the two majority factions of the Palestinian people, which are the bourgeois nationalist Al-Fatah, openly pro-American, and the fundamentalist, really terrorist and traitor to the Arab nation, which is Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya, Hamas.

Palestine has no solution as long as the Arab nation is not united, and as long as imperialism continues to support Israel… And Lebanon is a failed country, created by France to destroy and weaken the Syrian state, and is now suffering a very big economic crisis, coupled with a tremendous political crisis.

There is no solution to the Palestinian question as long as the Arab nation does not unite, and as long as imperialism continues to support Israel….

The creation of the Zionist State of Israel with its endless sequel of injustice, violence and perversity is the work of British and French imperialism with the mistaken punctual support of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, for which it compensated itself by consequently supporting the Arab Revolution of national liberation. The United States supports it. It will be up to the perpetrators to resolve the endless tragedy.

The Palestinian people have the right to resist Israeli aggression but to go to an honest negotiation that will give them national rights, hopefully in federation with the Greater Syria to which they belong: Syria, Lebanon and Jordan… Peace, security and guarantee of non-aggression by an Israeli entity purged of aggressive Zionist racism and not unconditionally supported by the imperialist powers that created Israel through the Balfour declaration and the Sykes-Picott agreement.

In addition to condemning the Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip, I express my lack of solidarity with the political line of the Palestinian affiliate of the terrorist group ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ installed in Gaza by the Israeli Shinbet to divide the Palestinian people. Hamas is a traitor to Syria, and an enemy of the Palestinian left.

The horror in Yemen

What is your view on what is happening today in Yemen and Ansarollah’s struggle?

ANTONIO EGIDO: Ansarollah is the Iranian option, but it represents the feudality that ran North Yemen when it was a monarchy. It represents a feudal civilizational project, backward and quite reactionary, but it also embodies elements of sovereignty that neither Saudi Arabia nor the United States like.

Yemen is destroyed and multidivided, and without the capacity to impose its conditions. Yemen as the revolutionary force it once was no longer exists, especially since the 1990s, when the Yemeni Socialist Party ‘committed suicide’ and surrendered the country.

It is now six years of the filthy, catastrophic and horrible Saudi/Emirati/U.S. war against the people of Yemen, its civilian population and in particular its children amidst the cynical silence of the Western world, the arms sellers and the accomplices of the reactionary aggressors.

In Yemen there is an absolutely indescribable war which initially takes the form of a civil war, since what was the former North Yemen was divided between the Ansarollah party, a Zaidi Shiite religion party, and a part of the government is supported by the Saudis. The Saudis create a coalition with the Arab Emirates and several countries bought with Saudi money, and there is an intervention supported by the United States with the excuse that supposedly Ansarollah and the Yemeni army is supported by Iran.

In fact it is a war that has increasingly taken the form of a war of liberation between the Yemeni people grouped around the army and Ansarollah, and the Saudi aggressors, because, in addition, the aggressors have been divided. The United Arab Emirates has turned to support the separatists of South Yemen, who are the distant heirs of the former revolutionary republic that disappeared in the 1990s, the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.

It is in fact a war that has increasingly taken the form of a war of liberation between the Yemeni people grouped around the army and Ansarollah, and the Saudi aggressors, because, in addition, the aggressors have been divided.

But what must be emphasized is the horrible nature of that war, the inability of the Saudis despite all the Western support to destroy the Ansarollah Party and the Yemeni army, and what the civilian population is suffering extraordinarily, particularly the children, because of the Saudi policy of bombing the civilian population, destroying schools, preventing access to food, it is a humanitarian crisis, the most horrible one in the world without the slightest doubt.

The United States before Trump, with Trump and after Trump have been supporting the Saudi and Emirati aggressors, they have been selling arms… Spain has also been selling arms. There are Basque arms companies that have been enriched by this war crime and crime against humanity that is the war against Yemen….

Now, in a more or less surprising way, Biden is trying to distance himself from Prince Bin Salman, who is probably the Saudi responsible for this war. He has said he is ‘withdrawing’. It is not clear that he is going to withdraw, but he has taken some distance primarily because of the inability of the Saudis to destroy the Houthi insurgents, and the Yemeni ability to defend themselves and destroy, dismantle and hit the Saudi oil and petrochemical network. Saudi Aramco’s facilities have taken several very accurate Yemeni hits, and that affects the global oil traffic.

What is happening in Yemen is really one of the most horrible things, or the most horrible thing in the world. Already three or four years ago a United Nations body, which looks after the interests of children, stated that ‘Saudi Arabia, the Saudi regime is an aggressor and responsible for the death of Yemeni children because of its policy of aggression against the civilian population’.

Then, the Saudis ‘blackmailed’ the United Nations, that they would ‘withdraw’ and ‘withdraw their funding’, if they did not remove Saudi Arabia and its regime from that list of criminals against children, and the United Nations accepted the blackmail and removed the Saudis who have continued with impunity to assault Yemeni children with the full backing, of course, of the Westerners, of Israel, of the other monarchies of the Persian Gulf, something that really shames humanity.

Overcoming the difficulties, the Yemeni people cling to the defense of their national independence and inflict severe blows on the Saudi monarchy, although they have military capabilities theoretically much inferior to the Saudis who are provided with the most modern weapons by the United States, the Spanish, the French, the English, and others, who make big business with the blood of the Yemeni people….

Yet the dignity of the Yemeni people is humiliating the Saudi regime and the Westerners, bringing the war to a dead end from the point of view of the Saudi/Emirati/American objective, which is to establish a colonial republic in Yemen. That has not been possible thanks to the incredible resistance of the Yemeni people, who are in espadrilles and barefoot, but also with drones and missiles, and a lot of capacity to hit the Saudi regime….

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