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Biden for Cuba Seeks the Same: End the Revolution

12 U.S. presidents, 60 years of blockade, and Cuba is there!

Biden for Cuba seeks the same thing that all U.S. presidents have sought with the island: to establish a government in line with their interests.


Biden for Cuba seeks the same because it is not a matter of taste, but of imperial policies. And no greater dishonor can an all-powerful empire have than the mere existence of a free and anti-imperialist island right under its nose.

Interview of international analyst Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín with journalist Osvaldo Canales, from the Iranian international channel HispanTV.

Blackmail against Cuba

Regardless of the immediate impact, the mobilizations of solidarity with Cuba around the world cannot end. They are of great importance. They are calls for attention and pressure. A wake-up call to the international community, and pressure on the U.S. government.

The United States has enacted unilateral and unconscionable laws. It has exerted unprecedented international diplomatic pressure. And it has blackmailed countries to oppose or vote against any rapprochement or negotiation with the Cuban government.

Successive governments have persecuted countries, companies, governments, for the mere fact of trading with the island or for showing the slightest rapprochement.

Indispensable solidarity

The discredit of the United States in relation to its policy towards Cuba has always been great, ever since the opprobrium was enacted. For thirty years, the UN General Assembly has pronounced itself against the blockade. And in a majority manner.

Only on one occasion did the United States and Israel abstain from voting. It was during Obama’s presidency, and ironically. The United States did not vote in favor of its own proposal. A strategic position, of course.

Otherwise, it has always been the solitary voice of the United States and two or three complicit countries. And always, in a decisive manner, the pronouncement has been against the unilateral measure.

I believe that pressure against the blockade must continue to be exerted. As President Diaz-Canel rightly says, it is something that cannot be presented. It is an outrage that causes hunger, pain and death. But it is also isolation for an island in the contemporary world.

The pressures must continue, and manifest themselves in a concrete and express manner. In the medium or long term, they will have an effect. Because the opprobrium is not endless. Life is not still, and international policies are not immovable either. And this type of pressure is indispensable.

Twelve presidents have passed through the White House in more than six decades of illegal blockade. An absolutely unjustified economic blockade. A siege that remains contrary to the provisions of international jurisprudence and the provisions of the UN General Assembly.

Donald Trump’s farewell was to return Cuba to the blacklist of countries sponsoring terrorism. As expressed by President Díaz-Canel in those days, Trump did it in an act of extreme cynicism and total political opportunism.

The United States, the country allied with terrorism

That dastardly, repugnant list that the United States issues to disqualify those countries that are inconvenient to it. Those countries that are adverse to the interests of its crude capitalism and its late imperialism.

A list through which the United States tries to make the unpresentable presentable. Through which the U.S. Government foists on other governments and countries what it does and is itself.

Economic terrorists, media terrorists, but also terrorists with bombs. Magnicides that starve entire populations, that deny the entry or exit of vaccines, medicines, technologies, including medical ones.

Cuba has to continue doing what it does, definitely. Cuban diplomacy has been very effective in unmasking the reality of the persecution to which it is subjected, of the abuses of the United States.

Biden for Cuba seeks the same

Biden is going to give continuity to what the Obama Administration was, in the best of cases. The objective has been, is and will be identical: to destroy the Revolution. There is no doubt about that, and there is no one better to know it than the Cuban people themselves, and their own government, of course.

With kid gloves, the purpose is to put an end to the process. And to return the island to the mess that reigned before Fidel Castro came to power and the beginning of the revolutionary process.

It is clear that the lobbying of the mafia-like Cuban ultra-right, which is indeed terrorist, is strong. In the tug-of-war of U.S. international politics there are many games of interests that coincide, interests of Republicans and Democrats. And this is one of them.

For the U.S. government, Cuba is a challenge. It is an opprobrium that less than ninety miles from its shores there is an autonomous model, a sovereign process. The strategy may change, but to no degree will the imperial ends change. After all, it is clear that Biden for Cuba seeks the same thing.

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