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Bolivia’s burning darkness: resuming the past

Golpe de estado en Bolivia: La tiniebla encendida (1)

Tumbaron a Evo Morales, sí. Y al vicepresidente García Linera, sí. Y a la presidenta del Senado, Adriana Salvatierra. Y a todo el gobierno. Y a todos los militantes y partidarios del Movimiento al Socialismo, MAS. E irán por los que aún queden adonde fuere, y por lo que ellos representaron en donde algo perdure.


Bolivia’s burning darkness: resuming the past, or that is what the coup plotters are trying to do. To return the country to the path of centuries of submission of the majority of the population. A rupture of the constitutional order, and a blatant destruction of institutionality.

That is what they have done in Bolivia. Opportunist politicians, military traitors bought by Washington, and a gang of drug traffickers and paramilitaries, took power by force. Bolivia thus begins a regression to the worst moments of its history.

Bolivia’s burning darkness

Yes, they overthrew Evo and the legally elected government. And when the coup leaders could not think of who to put or where to put them, the cunning Jeanine Áñez got them out of trouble. In three minutes she proclaimed herself president of Bolivia. Without constitutional backing, without an oath, and without a quorum of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

Bible in hand, God from the lips outward, the credentials of a consummate racist were enough for Jeanine to have the presidential sash imposed on her by an attentive military chief. And to be eagerly handed a baton in a corner of the desolate Assembly. In any case, the succession was ipso facto endorsed by the Plurinational Constitutional Tribunal (TCP), the same that enabled Evo Morales to seek reelection. A controversial and rogue entity in 2016, which now said the last word. The syllabus that instantly became a law consented without a whimper.

In the sepulchral silence of the Assembly, Senator Jeanine asked for a minute of silence for the dead that they themselves, the coup perpetrators, provoked. During the incoherent babble of possession, the lady committed herself to “call new elections as soon as possible” and with independent institutions.

She did not say that the soonest possible is, at the most, ninety days, as required by the Constitution. Of course, the Constitution is worth a damn and the soonest possible is who knows when. In any case, not before the coup perpetrators secure and negotiate the triumph in a pantomime election. Independent institutions are the institutionality taken.

Guaidó and Áñez: the scythe

Another self-proclaimed coup plotter to be added to the faded Juan Guaidó in Venezuela. The latter, who is a joke and a complete mockery for any democracy, at least, was president of the National Assembly when he climbed on an improvised street platform to self-proclaim himself. Mrs. Añez was not even that. She barely managed to be a second vice-president. From there she made the pole vault to the first magistracy of the country. From there, surely, she will jump to exile or to jail.

It is a quantitative rule for these sham coup plotters not to exceed the barrier of one hundred thousand votes. Guaidó thought he was president with 97492 votes; Añez thinks so with 91895. Zero and that’s two in less than a year in the tormented South America. Both terms of office, equally abusive and unproductive.

It is a quantitative rule for these sham coup plotters not to exceed the one hundred thousand vote barrier: Guaidó believed himself president with 97,492; Añez believes it with 91 895. Zero and there are two in less than a year in tormented South America.

Añez’s self-proclamation is so crude that even the Nuevo Herald, the newspaper of choice of the Cuban gusanera in Miami, called her a self-proclaimed president. In that right-wing pamphlet, that is the closest thing to a subversive, Castro-Chavist language.

Of course, CNN’s militant journalism did not go that far. With notorious flattery, it called her, from the very first moment, interim president. They did not even wait for the peremptory request of the White House Press Office in that sense, as once happened with Guaidó. CNN is definitely not a seditious media nor its journalists will be persecuted by the abusers who seized power in Bolivia.

Let there be repression!

The self-proclaimed and the opposition leaders talk about pacifying the country. It is clear to them that they will do it with blood and fire, or else they will not succeed in pacifying the cities they themselves set on fire day after day? They are going for pacification by hunting down those who protest with tanks and thousands of police, military, paramilitary and other dogs of prey! Now, a peace is coming, which is none other than that of terror.

On the road to the next presidency, there are still two rogues without much form or substance. One, Luis Fernando Camacho Vaca, who has the virtue of being unknown, but everyone understands the savagery of which he is capable. The other, Carlos Diego de Mesa Gisbert, who has the grace of being known and, therefore, everyone knows how incapable he is for everything, especially for governing.

And with him fell those responsible for a previously unimaginable development for Bolivia. The architects of an inclusion and social progress that even organizations and institutions with no ideological or political affinity to the recently overthrown Government were admired. Such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which once recognized its successful economic and social performance. That is why, of course, this government was doubly dangerous.

The cambas arrive! Down with the Indians!

The Government of the indigenous people, who constitute more than 60% of the population, although The World Factbook of the CIA places them at only 20%, has disappeared. “Cambas” from the East arrive and take over the offices and corridors of the Government. The gangs are led by 5% of whites descended from European emigrants. Among others, Germans, Austrians, Serbs, Croats, of course, Spaniards, and even Russians, “Old Believers”. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

In Bolivia, thirteen years later, many people want to reactivate the failed private businesses and lucrative transnational negotiations.

The power vacuum will be filled by elbowing. They will skin each other alive. The coup military leadership has already fallen, including Williams Kaliman, the commander in chief of the Armed Forces. And Vladimir Yuri Calderon, the general commander of the Police, has fallen. In this way he tries to erase from the public opinion the faces and traces of the anti-constitutional action. An assault engendered in the bowels of an abrupt, undemocratic metamorphosis.

The queue for the available positions is long because among the small elite there are many who want to undo what has been done and retrace what has been done as a nation. There are many who want to reactivate, thirteen years later, the ill-fated private businesses and the lucrative transnational negotiations.

A trip to the past

The problem is not that Evo, García Linera and the entire Government have been overthrown. The question is that soon the country will feel how the dictatorial military governments of the past, with solid Nazi links, such as those of Barrientos, Bánzer or García Meza, will reappear from the shadows.

They resurface, like specters, the times of Sánchez de Lozada, with his (gas) wars and (October) massacres. Not in body, but in soul. Deliberate and arrogant military; discursive and effective segregation; injustices in fact and without right; executions with the face of immolations.

It is not serious that the enormous wealth of hydrocarbons and minerals that Bolivia has, which it has for a long time, is going to end, but that it will return to be in few hands. And that these enormous profits will be chased away from the social sphere.

The gas, let us say, which is now a resource of all Bolivians, will once again become part of the assets of the illustrious Camacho family, from Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Yes, the family of the recently blessed coup leader, who at the feet of Christ the Redeemer does not pray so much for the return of God to the Palace as for the return of gas to the family pockets.

For a long time, Bolivia’s class elites have been trying to eliminate from the environment the conception of the unitary state. Neither the social nor the community law issues have been able to admit it. They went first for the symbols, now they come for the symbolized.

Bolivia’s burning darkness: the dictatorship

Not even all of this is the most pathetic. The tragedy is that after the hasty ideological, political and economic purification, the efforts will be directed to uproot that constitutionally determined illusion and that refers to the collective construction of a “Unitary Social State of Plurinational Community Law”.

It is true that Bolivia’s classist elites have been trying for a long time to eliminate the concept of the unitary state from the environment. The Creole aristocrats never admitted social or community law issues. They went first for the symbols and now they come for the symbolized.

Now they will annul anything that smells plurinational in the Constitution, and from the juridical-political sphere they will have to vanish the Constitution that is currently in force. The darkness ignited in Bolivia intends precisely that: to resume the dictatorial past of such long standing and bad memory for the bulk of Bolivians.


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