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Cuba and Venezuela face a genocidal blockade – 2

Interview with José Antonio Egido

“Cuba and Venezuela face a genocidal blockade”, second part of the interview given to dXmedio by its author, Arnaldo Pérez Guerra.


Cuba and Venezuela face a genocidal blockade

Cuba and Venezuela face a genocidal blockade, “a very strong attack”, in the opinion of the academic, writer and analyst, José Antonio Egido. This is the second part of the interview recently granted to our collaborator, Arnaldo Pérez Guerra, in which he refers to the situation faced by Cuba and Venezuela, and Latin America in general.

ARNALDO PÉREZ GUERRA: Cuba and Venezuela face a genocidal blockade that, however, has not been able to break them…

ANTONIO EGIDO: They are facing the blockade and embargo, as are the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Islamic Republic of Iran and some other countries. I consider the resistance of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Cuba to be very outstanding….

Cuba is suffering a very strong attack. These things are very evident.

In the summer of 1980, the news widely spread by the media was that thousands of Cuban citizens were taking refuge in embassies in Havana. This news, together with the mobilizations of the apparent ‘Solidarnosc workers’ union’, led by the son of a reactionary landowner, Lech Walesa -by the way, supported by Ignacio Ramonet-, against Polish socialism, set the scene for the world anti-communist campaign.

The reality was that a small lumpenized part of Cuban society was escaping from the system of ‘collective freedom’ because it preferred to commit crimes in the system of American ‘individual freedom’. Thousands of those false ‘opponents’ ended up in U.S. prisons for committing common crimes. Cuba purged itself of its rotten part and came out stronger.

The reality was that a small lumpenized part of Cuban society escaped from the system of ‘collective freedom’ because they preferred to commit crimes in the system of American ‘individual freedom’. Thousands of those false ‘opponents’ ended up in U.S. prisons for committing common crimes.

Had it not been for the Russian leader Gorbachev, the working class in Poland would probably still be in power, as the Polish philosopher Adam Schaff pointed out. Then, in the summer of 1994 thousands of people in Havana angrily and violently protested against the deprivations of the ‘Special Period’ imposed by the joint action of the now recognized CIA agent, Russian dictator Boris Yeltsin, who cut off all oil supplies to the island and the US tightening of sanctions.

Commander Fidel Castro, supported by the vast majority of the Cuban people educated in revolutionary patriotism by himself and the vanguard Party in power, calmed the rebels with his word and the respect he inspired in even the worst counterrevolutionaries.

A new anti-imperialist wave

In the summer of 2021, hundreds of individuals organized by NGO puppets of US intelligence agencies such as the Payá Foundation, call for ‘freedom’, i.e., return to backward neocolonial capitalism. They rely on the difficulty created by the combined action of the pandemic, the lack of tourism and the aggravation of the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration and maintained by the Biden administration.

There is no more difficulty than in the ’90s, the Party has been strengthened after its Congress, new leaders educated by the historic generation are taking the reins and Latin America is preparing for a new anti-imperialist wave surely more radical than the previous one around the ALBA bloc, the Sao Paulo Forum and, in part, the Puebla Group.

The imperialist elite knows that, in order to consolidate its hegemony in the region, extract raw materials and cheap natural resources, exploit its labor force, place its merchandise, keep the comprador (servile) bourgeoisie in power, preserve its currency, ensure its technological superiority, stop the beneficial irruption of Russia, China and Iran and impose its culture and values, it must first of all destroy the Communist Party of Cuba, the backbone of the original, democratic, participatory, patriotic and profoundly human socio-political system of the island.

They could not in 1980 or 1994. They will not be able to in 2021.

A system that offers its advantages in the eyes of Latin American peoples disgusted with the unjust, inefficient, violent, exploitative and corrupt U.S. political model imposed on them in the twentieth century. They could not in 1980 or 1994. They will not be able to in 2021.

The Cuban people close ranks around their Party and government. Latin America and advanced Humanity support Cuba to help it resist in the awareness of the relevant role that this true heart of humanism and popular democracy will play in the coming era. They will come out, we will come out, strengthened.

Obviously there is nothing casual in the ‘outbreak of protest’ (as the ‘media’ of the imperialist regime say) within socialist Cuba. It is the fruit of a long and conscientious task of preparation, planning, organization and implementation on the part of several specialized agencies of the United States, surely supported by their Spanish, Canadian, French, British and Colombian counterparts.

The CIA seeks to eradicate the Cuban “nightmare”

They are unleashed in July 2021 because the decision-making centers have agreed that it is the propitious moment to attack a strategic and a tactical element, both dangerous for the imperialist interests in the Latin American-Caribbean region, the Third World and the World as a whole: Element one: to destroy the non liberal-capitalist revolutionary democratic political model that rules in Cuba.

It ensures the combination between the broadest political participation of the masses enjoying their political, civil and social rights including the election of their representatives, the criticism of their authorities and the defense of their immediate interests and the hegemony of the national, patriotic, anti-imperialist and socialist political force which is the Communist Party of Cuba widely supported by the people.

And element two: to contain the arrival of a new anti-imperialist revolutionary wave in the region aimed against imperialist hegemonism expressed in the popular victory in Bolivia and the punishment of its pro-American coup plotters, the electoral victory of the left in Peru, the consolidation of two governments of independent line in two important regional countries:

Mexico and Argentina, the effective resistance in Nicaragua and Venezuela, the continuation of the intense mass struggle against the criminal Colombian regime and the electoral expectations favorable to the left in giant Brazil, Chile, Honduras and Colombia itself.

This wave has, as have all the regional anti-imperialist movements for the last 60 years, its symbolic, moral and ideological epicenter in Cuba and its leading nucleus the Communist Party at the head of the Sao Paulo Forum, the ALBA bloc and CARICOM in the company of other countries and sister revolutionary parties.

This wave has, as all regional anti-imperialist movements have for 60 years, its symbolic, moral and ideological epicenter in Cuba …

On the other hand, this CIA operation has a preventive character to stop the radical political changes that we have said are underway in Latin America, which have all the appearance of being more radical than those of the first progressive wave (1998-2013), and which will bury US influence forever to open the doors to more profitable relations for these peoples with Russia, China, Iran, Belarus, India, Turkey, the Korean Peninsula, Africa and other regions of the planet.

Eradicating the Cuban ‘nightmare’ is the long-standing desire never fulfilled by successive US administrations since 1959. They think: ‘now or never’.

Cuba is a revolutionary democracy with broad popular participation and a single ruling party, as is the case today in Vietnam, Laos and DPR Korea. And it will continue to be so, despite the international banditry.

They accuse Cuba of ‘violating human rights’ for not being a neocolonial banana republic based on the routine alternation of two corrupt parties as has happened in their former colonies such as Venezuela and Mexico.

How do you see the prospects for Latin America?

ANTONIO EGIDO: The imperialist intelligence centers are conspiring against the governments of Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia. They will try to sink the new Peruvian government. To destroy the democratic presidential candidacies of Brazil, Chile and Colombia and the Correista opposition in Ecuador.

They know that if an independent Mexico-Brazil-Argentina axis is consolidated, the region will build a protective shield for the ALBA bloc of countries, the rebirth of UNASUR, the strengthening of BRICS and the strong inclusion of the Latin American region in the ‘Concert of Nations’, ceasing to be a hunting ground for multinationals, drug traffickers and coup plotters. The dream of Bolivar, San Martin, Sandino, Marti, Fidel and Chavez will come true.

The peoples and their revolutionary and democratic vanguards have learned many lessons from the period between 1999 (when Chávez begins the new era) and 2019. They have evaluated the mistakes made such as neglecting the ideological formation of the masses as Frei Betto said and the patriotic politicization of the military as in Bolivia, Brazil or Ecuador or the insufficient economic strengthening and integration. The Latin American victory will bring to Humanity the weakening of the destructive power of imperialism.

The peoples and their revolutionary and democratic vanguards have learned many lessons from the period from 1999 (when Chávez begins the new era) to 2019.

The resistance of the peoples writes epic episodes: when President Maduro spoke personally with the humble National Guardsmen facing the counterrevolutionary horde in 2017; when the leaders of the Revolution put themselves on the front line to defend the Tienditas Bridge in 2019; when the Bolivian working masses endured massacres in 2019 until regaining presidential power.

When the fishermen of Chuao captured the mercenaries in 2020; when Lula called from his jail to resist; when the Colombian masses have risen up in 2019 and 2021 against the fascist regime; when the Peruvian masses have defended in the streets their vote in 2021; when President Díaz-Canel takes the lead in San Antonio de los Baños in 2021….

Their cadres are assassinated, like Congressman Robert Serra, Captain José Guillén Araque, Rio de Janeiro councilwoman Marielle Franco, or Berta Cáceres in Honduras, or the leader of the legal party FARC Wilson Saavedra, or Comandante Santrich, or Sandinista militant Francisco Arauz, or Haitian President Moise….

A great Trojan horse

It is increasingly clear to the enlightened revolutionary and patriotic vanguards that the Western-style liberal multiparty system with its supposed ‘freedom of the press’, ‘separation of powers’, ‘independence of the judiciary’, ‘institutionalization of the armed forces’, ‘professionalization of the security organs’ and ‘autonomy of the Central Bank’ is nothing more than a great Trojan horse.

For the imperialist powers to hijack popular sovereignty by means of traditional coups d’état (as in Chile in 1973, Argentina in 1976, the attempt in Venezuela in 2002), assassination of leaders (as in Haiti, Chile, Grenada), judicial coup d’état-lawfare as in Brazil and Ecuador, harassment and media coup (as in Ecuador and Venezuela), and parliamentary coup d’état (as in Brazil, Honduras, and Paraguay).

The imperialists are terrified that the living forces of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru come to the conclusion that they must completely transform their political system …

To consolidate the independence of the threatened countries, what works is the model of a single revolutionary Party as in Cuba, Vietnam, Laos and DPRK, of a leading Party and allied democratic parties as in China, of a leading Party with allies and constitutional opposition together with communal democracy as in Venezuela.

Of party-front of the masses as in Bolivia, of patriotic pluralism together with institutional leadership as in Iran, of hegemonic party and patriotic armed forces as in Nicaragua, of leading party, allies and patriotic opposition with alliance in the armed forces as in Syria?

Destroying the Cuban Revolution is Washington’s way of imposing corrupt pseudo-democracies and puppets of its own like those ruling today in Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Eastern Europe and the countries it has invaded or destroyed (South Korea, Philippines, Panama, Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Libya…).

It terrifies the imperialists that the living forces of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru come to the conclusion that they must completely transform their political system to achieve the full democracy, sovereignty and stability they require to solve their serious problems.

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