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deXmedio has been created and financed exclusively by private contributions. A personal assistance, both economic and professional. And of time: more than a year invested, from the conception of the idea, to the solitary concretion.

deXmedio is not associated with any political party or movement. But we value certain proposals and highlight the aspects that we consider convenient in others. We do not receive any contribution, corporate or institutional, national or international, that could compromise our thinking or journalistic autonomy.


For its continuity and development, deXmedio offers advertising and promotional spaces. These are placed in tactical locations within the pages of the portals (Spanish and English).

The ads (and content) meet the best parameters for SEO, and are connected with the optimization and analysis tools of Google and other search engines. We expect paid advertising to be a source of income that at least contributes to cover basic operational costs.


We expect the provision of services to be another funding mechanism. Details of the services can be found in the corresponding section. Basically, they are the following:

  • Integral realization of audiovisual, sound and transmedia products.
  • Dissemination and mass distribution of contents.
  • Specialized internet services (web design, SEO, hosting).
  • Sale of audiovisual products and equipment. Sale of solidarity items.
  • Conferences, workshops, integral training in the areas of: Communication, media, international and media analysis, power, geostrategy, among others.

Free content

We do not charge for access to the contents of the portal. The registration system, currently being implemented, is also free of charge. It aims to improve the browsing experience and facilitate the distribution of products (books, videos and special reports). And for the contracting of the aforementioned services.

The registration, according to the authorizations granted by each user, would contribute to improve the advertisers’ advertising. This mechanism operates in dXmedio through platforms such as Google, YouTube, and similar.

Donors and other supporters

We trust that there are people and institutions that value the existence of this communication space, and that are willing to make their contribution to us. We are beginning the management of such resources.

Donors can make their contributions through Paypal, credit card or bank consignment. We will soon enable an automated system for those who wish to support us on a regular basis. This option would have a very important sustained impact on the momentum and permanence of deXmedio.

Survival: that is the question

The survival, strengthening and expansion of this project depend on the resources obtained, particularly in this difficult initial phase.

The users, readers, subscribers, along with columnists, contributors and creative and technical support staff, are and will be the foundation. How much we will grow and how far we will go depends on all of them. To the distant year, now improbable, or just until next week.

How expensive it is to do so!

We have structured a secure, agile, elastic, scalable site, available on five continents, running on the advanced Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform. This is one of the most secure and robust in existence today.

Considering the technology and services involved, these are high operating costs. Especially given the meager resources available, after a year of pandemic and no revenue.

Building both portals, dXmedio (in Spanish) and deXmedio (in English) has been costly and personally burdensome. Maintaining it on the AWS platform represents a major challenge.

And the cost of not doing so?

Not opening the way to projects like this one, hopefully to many, will have high costs for our societies. Today, perhaps as never before, the need for independent and honest journalism, which motivates reflection on our realities (and fictions), is sensitive. Areas of social expression and spaces for communication in the public interest.

dXmedio aspires to contribute in this sense.


If you are interested in becoming a donors to deXmedio, please write to us at: Or through the form, in the button below.


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