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Duque intensifies violence in Colombia

Duque intensifies violence in Colombia because he does not see what is happening under his nose or because he does not want to see it.


Duque intensifies violence in Colombia because he does not see what is happening under his nose or because he does not want to see it.

The wrong people in power

The first thing to say is that Iván Duque and his combo, his close circle of “gomelos”, inept and arrogant, were wrong from start to finish. But the Sanhedrin that leads the simulated president, headed by former president Álvaro Uribe, also erred.

They were wrong because their attempt to introduce this tax reform did not take into account the degree of social unrest that they themselves had caused. The absolute and great dissatisfaction of the bulk of the country’s population.

The protest against the reform may have had an additional stimulus in that despicable reform proposal, but it has a much deeper origin. The situation is much more complex, much more tangled, than a few non-conformists shouting “down with more taxes!

It has to do with too many things that deeply affect the structures of Colombian society. Inequalities that instead of being alleviated are worsening, infamies that instead of being appeased are intensifying.

Peace in tatters

A society that was offered a hope of peace and was met with even more unbridled and perverse violence. And that is a lot to say in a history of depravity that has been going on for centuries.

A society that cherished a few days of certain calm, which has been murdered, massacred, in the face of the indolence, the absolute inoperability of a government that seems to enjoy the bloodshed. A government that at the moment of truth, at least for a good part of it, this national chaos is convenient for it.

This Government and those it represents were mistaken in thinking that everything would calm down in a matter of hours, or days. It thought that by withdrawing the reform proposal, the waters of conformism would return to their level.

A blind and deaf and dumb government

A government that refuses to accept that it will not solve the essential problems for which the people demand attention and solutions with lukewarm water. No more empty promises and no more arrogance.

I see the outlook as difficult because this Government continues to be unaware of what is happening in the country itself, right under its nose. It does not see it, or does not want to see it. In any case, it does nothing to remedy a delicate situation. Rather, he does the opposite, he does what he can, in order to intensify the violence, the discontent.

And so now he thinks that crying in Europe, speaking English to the Americans, or sending a Chancellor as inept as the previous one, will solve the problems he generated. In other words, his ranch is on fire because he is setting fire to his neighbor’s ranch.

Duque lacks the dignity to leave

This is a very presidential country and it is likely that we will remain in this chaos while Ivan Duque leaves. If he had integrity, he would leave the presidency now. He would descend quietly to the grave of oblivion, that of having been one of the most brutal presidents of our savage national history.

But, of course, that will not be the case. And then we will have him trying to palliate with ointments a substantial evil. It will be a hard time ahead, with elections in sight, in 2022.

Because the threat of losing power by their sectors will lead them to attempt against the questionable Colombian democracy.

The goalkeeper’s fear of the penalty

What is happening in Colombia is that there is a desperate president. There is a desperate government. And a party, the representation of a rather murderous elite, which has been in power for two decades, and which is desperate because it sees clear signs that it is going to lose its dominance.

A power that represents enormous income to that elite. A power thanks to which it has increased fortunes, validated the ill-gotten ones, and maintained and increased businesses that are business deals. That is to say, drug trafficking, land expanded by force, and mining, agro-industrial and business projects strengthened. Legalized illicit activities.

There is desperation because this lost control means the loss of the impunity they have enjoyed for years.

Now this confrontation, in addition to taking place in the streets of many cities, turned into battlefields by the abusive interventions of the security forces, is beginning to be fought in the international arena. That is where Duque is directing his communication and diplomatic batteries.

Reality covered with lies

The Government is now trying to counteract the forcefulness of the images of police abuses with words. Better said, with lies, falsifying the situations that it itself unleashed. The inconceivable actions of the so-called forces of order, which in Colombia are real forces of disorder, chaos and criminal actions.

Because behind everything that is happening right now in the country, yes, there may be groups that seek to fish in the river.

But behind this is the government itself, the ruling elite, and its allies, in reality henchmen. An elite with ties to organized crime, close to paramilitary groups and drug traffickers.

Behind everything that is happening is the government that refuses to engage in dialogue. That despises the civilized approach with young people who are there protesting because they have no other way out. They have no other way, if they want any future.

A government that not only denies them everything, the possibility to study, to train, to organize, and that if they protest, treats them as vandals, in the best of cases. Of thugs, in the daily life. And that sends them the SMAD troops, the anti-riot squads transformed into death squads.

Duque intensifies violence in Colombia

Such a government is to blame for all the deaths and the tragedy that is happening, for the blockades themselves, for the social crisis generated.

So, I believe that the role of the international community is crucial. I do not know about the diplomatic aspect. In this area, it is going to be difficult. People like (Josep) Borrell, from the European Union, and so many of the international extreme right, are going to support Duque’s repressive measures.

But beyond that, the support of societies, peoples everywhere and independent international media is crucial. The role of HispanTV, as I have emphasized, and of so many alternative media, is fundamental.

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