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Heroic Resistance of Palestine 2021

Heroic Resistance of Palestine 2021 in the face of the new infamous aggression of Israel. which cost the death of 248 people, 66 of whom were children.


Heroic Resistance of Palestine 2021 In these terms, international analyst Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín described the recent unequal combats. Despite the demonstration of a certain defensive capacity on the part of Palestine, the price in human lives has been very high.

The Israeli escalation caused the death of some 250 Palestinians, almost a third of them children. The legitimate defense of the Palestinian people cannot be equated with the genocidal nature of Israel, a State at the service of Zionism.

The international community, in particular the United States and Europe, according to the analyst, should set aside their double standards and put pressure on Israel to cease its vile and repeated attacks against Palestine.

For the U.S. and Europe, economic interests are paramount

Regarding the demonstrations in the United States against Israel, Sánchez Marín commented that many US citizens have suffered the outrages of their own government by the classist elites. This part of the population is able to understand the dimension of the sufferings of a people that suffers the opprobrium of another invading, occupying government.

What Israel does in the Middle East and what it represents is something that the governments of the United States and Europe know very well. However, they endorse it because economic interests, geopolitical and geostrategic purposes take precedence.

Heroic Resistance of Palestine 2021

Beyond this unconditional support, Israel does not look good. What it has just demonstrated is that its infallible character as an infallible country is being called into question. Something similar to what is happening to Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Israel is hit not only militarily, but also militarily. After this Heroic Resistance of Palestine 2021, the Zionists’ negotiation to bring Jews to populate Israel and to bring settlers to extend over occupied Palestinian territories, is now in the doldrums.

Media vision of the conflict

Hopefully, this defeat of Israel will recompose the vision that much of the world’s population has of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A population that has a mediatized vision, tendentiously mediatized, by press agencies, information media, the great majority of which are in the hands of Zionist capitals.

I believe that this unquestionable reality is going to change, or at least, to question the vision of Israel, and also that of the Palestinian people, of their resistance and their capacity to fight. Translated with (free version)

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