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In Colombia there is no dialogue and there will be no dialogue

In Colombia there is no dialogue and there will be no dialogue because neither Iván Duque nor the interests he represents are interested, electorally, in the solution of the crisis.


In Colombia there is no dialogue and there will be no dialogue, and the offer of Iván Duque in that sense is a trap to gain time, in the hope of wearing down the intense and growing social wave against his government.

The mechanism to do so, to weaken the massive protests, is evident: generalized police and military repression. And the use of urban paramilitary structures, which assassinate leaders and young people, and produce fear.

The terror, which the agrarian elites sowed during the end of the previous century and the first two decades of the current one in the country’s countryside, is now transferred, in the third decade of the XXI century, to the big cities and towns, with identical tactics and similar purposes.

The ambition for power of the elites of landowners, large cattle ranchers, multinational agribusinesses and agribusinesses led them to sow terror in the Colombian countryside.

The fear of losing power and the fortunes obtained through blood and fire now leads them to sow terror in the cities. This is the sad reality of more than a month of national strike, and also the reason why in Colombia there is not and will not be a true dialogue with the Duque government.

State barbarism

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), Amnesty International, Human Right Watch, several international organizations are looking at Colombia.

Some are issuing statements of condemnation, and are demanding clarity from the Colombian government regarding the violation of human rights in Colombia.

During the first weekend of June, in Cali alone, there were fourteen deaths, in fact, young people and children. Illegal detentions by the Police, and illegal detentions in illegal centers of more than four hundred people. It has been an absolute barbarism on the part of the Colombian State.

In Colombia there is no dialogue and there will be no dialogue

Regarding the dialogues, I have said it since the beginning of this situation. With this gentleman in the presidency (Iván Duque), and with all the power he represents, there is no option for dialogue. Not even the slightest possibility of a negotiation or talks regarding the solution of the fundamental problems that exist.

There is really a lack of willingness to even talk. It is a matter of delaying, perhaps in the hope that time will solve what the political will and governmental action are incapable of doing.

The situation with this gentleman in the Government is very complex. The Democratic Center party rejected in a communiqué in the previous days any negotiation with the strike committee. They say that it is not possible to negotiate with blockades and violence, that this is to continue with the destruction of democracy.

As if the destruction of democracy had not been carried out by themselves during the last two years. In a frontal, savage and undisguised manner.

The Puppet and the Puppeteer

The Democratic Center, that is, Mr. Alvaro Uribe and his gang asked for a total deployment of military and police force. Of militarization of the entire national territory. And that is what this gentleman, the president, is doing.

Iván Duque plays the role of puppet and executes the actions decided behind the scenes by Álvaro Uribe, the puppet master, and his circle. I do not like to resort to certain types of adjectives, but it has no other denomination than that of gang.

We have a series of criminals in power, ruling at all levels and without any kind of control. They have taken the institutionality in all its dimension. The control agencies, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office, the wrongly called Ombudsman’s Office, are taken over by the gang in power.

The grace of the second-in-command is a disgrace

For some time it caught my attention that some analysts, even certain acquaintances, thought that Duque was the preferable option within the ranks of Uribism. Because he was a smart, capable person, and, in addition, balanced, tolerant, even compromising.

I always believed the opposite. Unfortunately, that perception was not only the product of a deep pessimism. Unfortunately, time has proven me right.

I doubted the intelligence and capacity of someone dedicated enough to carry Alvaro Uribe’s briefcase for eight years. Four years as an international bureaucrat and another four as a senator.

I doubted the balance and sanity of someone capable of such submission. In the present circumstances we see, in the starkest way, the results. The grace of electing a second-in-command as president could only bring great misfortune.

And who cares for the fool?

A popular phrase, with a certain slight adaptation, expresses aptly what we are living in Colombia. And it is that “a fool with a face can kill his people”. That is Duque, that is what he does, and that is costing Colombia so much blood in the streets.

And who’s looking the fool in the face? Look at Twitter. Read Álvaro Uribe’s tweets. That’s how they will understand Duque’s decrees, a while later. Duque’s ineptitude as president reaches delirious levels.

In recent times, not even the presidency of Andres Pastrana, another incompetent dolphin, a government in which one believed that from there on down there would be nothing, then Duque appears. He shows that it was possible to fall lower, and to be even more inept and clumsy.

During his first two years in office, Duque blamed mistakes and shortcomings on the previous government of Juan Manuel Santos. In any adverse matter, Santos was to blame. In the third year, of course, all the responsibility for Duque’s inefficiency went to COVID-19. Even the pandemic itself was to blame for the terrible management of the pandemic, not Duque or his bunch of fools.

Now, for the misfortunes that await us, that await the Colombian people, it is the protesting people themselves who are responsible. It is the fault of those citizens who march against him, who block some streets because the Government has blocked them the possibility of living with dignity. It has even ruined the option of living starving. Or to survive even if they were more dead than alive. Translated with (free version)

Speak English while killing young people

I see the outlook as very difficult. I don’t believe in dialogues, and I don’t think Duque cares what a commission or the international community is going to say about him. There are campaigns out there. He is speaking English to the Americans.

He sent the inept new foreign minister to the United States to try to solve the problems. But in reality the orders are a frontal attack against the population itself. And that is what we are, precisely and unfortunately, experiencing.

Indefensible Defense ministers

It is difficult to talk about Defense Ministers Botero and Molano because they have been a disgrace for the country.

Botero resigns because of a massacre against children. First he shoots and then he asks who were there. They knew beforehand and clearly that there were children.

This Mr. Molano, just appointed by Duque, a total inexperienced. Just as dangerous as someone inept is someone who does not have the slightest idea of the responsibility in front of him.

Because in order to show power, to demonstrate ascendancy over a force as complex and complicated as the military, he goes along with the warriors. He assumes positions of force and blood against the weakest sectors, which are the population.

It does not fulfill its social function, the defense of society, but, on the contrary, it is dedicated to its aggression. To assassinate it, which is the worst. Because these characters are complete murderers.

The one goes out for that, he goes out as a murderer. He leaves when he receives the order to resign from his boss Uribe. He said he would not resign, but at the door he received the call with the order to resign, and he resigned.

To this other sinister character who is now in charge of the Ministry of Defense, a motion of censure is promoted. Obviously, it does not prosper because Duque hands out marmalade left and right.

Here we call “mermelada” to that corruption of handing out positions, funds, resources, commitments to senators.

The legislative sector in Colombia is absolutely rotten. Just as I was talking about the control bodies, the Congress is pathetic. There is no Congress that represents the population.

The majorities of a few

Here you talk about majorities, and majorities are as relative as what Eduardo Galeano quoted about the plate of spaghetti. From the perspective of an earthworm, a plate of spaghetti can look like an orgy. Those who have ten, twenty, thirty people are the majorities of this country.

Small circles of power with all the possibilities to manipulate a society through the media, education and all possible mechanisms. Those who have the upper hand, in addition, with the pressure of being the owners of the land, or the threats of the paramilitary groups, in the rural areas, and also in the cities.

Such powerful sectors, which have such control, are the great majorities. When they do not even reach one percent, because this is the country of enormous inequalities.

Hope is consciousness

In relation to the issue of government presence and society, I think we are going through a complex situation. I am not an optimist. One cannot be in this country.

However, on the other hand, as far as the real majorities are concerned, as far as the bulk of the population is concerned, it is encouraging to see that there is more and more awareness about what is happening, about what is going on in the background.

I believe that therein lies the hope. Not in the possibility that this government or the elites will reach an agreement.

The pandemic is the Duque Government

The pandemic cannot be denied. But the threat of starving to death locked up in the house is greater than the pandemic itself. Duque’s handling of it has been pathetic, sad.

Because it is not only the bad management. It is that it represents deaths. More than three hundred thousand, and the number grows day by day. There was never a national vaccination plan. The purchase of vaccines was accessed late.

An economy that had been hit, not just now, but since the pandemic. The deplorable economic management had already brought the accounts in the doldrums. The finances were critical long before that. The pandemic was the cherry on top of the cake.

A miserable country

The crisis is deep, especially in the lower and middle strata of the population. This is a miserable country, a country that is starving.

The situation of confinement, of quarantine, decreed in the first weeks, which was absolute, and the denial of even a fundamental income, aggravated the situation.

Here the tax exemptions are for big companies, big capital and dividends. These exemptions cost blood, death, hunger, and cost the present chaos.

The denial of a small income has caused the population to starve. This is not a lie. The crisis is structural, families do not have, literally, what to eat.

That is why the willingness not only to be killed by COVID-19, the lesser evil in the face of bullets, in the face of the assassins who act both on the police or military side, as well as on the side of the urban paramilitaries.

The government we have in charge of the country is more dangerous, much more deadly and criminal than the pandemic itself. Weighing that, then, is that society is in the streets.

The unworthy do not resign

There are very worthy people within the Police and the Military Forces. It does not depend on rank. There are soldiers with great integrity, but there are also colonels and generals. I know this firsthand.

But there is also a very “purified” institution. This “purification” has been a kind of ideological alignment in relation to what is happening in the country and the way in which things are seen and assumed.

There are people who have the necessary dignity to resign. Duque would be the first one who should resign at this moment. But he lacks dignity.

I said it at the beginning. Someone accustomed to carry, to drag the briefcase of an individual like Álvaro Uribe cannot have the slightest hint of integrity or honesty. So, he is not going to do it.

Criminal leadership in charge in Colombia

There is a military leadership that has seized power, that is in charge, and it is the one that gives the guidelines. Beyond that leadership, there is a direction given to the institution, where the problem is not even ten, twenty, thirty “isolated cases”, but a conception of the institution itself.

These institutions have to be reformed from the very base, restructured and changed. And the officials have to receive training, pedagogy, a different view of their role, of their actions before society. They are not there to attack or kill. They are there to protect it.

Not to protect those who are armed, the “good people” made up of criminals, which is the criminal leadership that rules in Colombia.

Medals for the murderers

As long as these are the guidelines, as long as the ideology is to look at society as an enemy, there will be no way out.

The vision of the dissipated molecular revolution, that stupidity badly processed by a fascist Chilean, points to greater misfortunes. An incapable guy, moreover, a second-rate, with a great mental indigestion.

And even more serious that someone so shrewd as a capo and mafioso, but so ignorant in the intellectual and in formation, as Álvaro Uribe, comes and gets indigestion with that. And that this happens in the face of the number of followers who follow to the letter what he orders and what he thinks.

In the face of such a serious situation, there are glimpses of dignity. Dignified police and military, who have refused to obey the infamous orders.

They are a hope for this country to be transformed. Those elements now vilified are the true heroes. Not the ones who hang medals on them for murdering their people, as is often done in this country.

In Colombia there is no dialogue, but there will be a simulation of it

Here there is not going to be dialogue, but there is going to be a simulacrum of rapprochement. Calls from the Government to the national committee of the strike to sit at a table that does not exist to talk with officials who are not there. Starting with Duque himself.

Or that if they do attend, they are just guests of stone and lack representation. Without real power to make agreements or decisions. And that in the case of compromising on something, they will be immediately disavowed, by Duque or by Uribe, as it has just happened.

There will be no real dialogue, but a simulation to gain time. To offer to the media, to the international organizations, to the external critics, the image that there is a government that talks. And a counterpart, a national strike, which does not do so, which does not dialogue.

This is part of the Government’s mistake since the beginning of the national strike, to think that everything is a matter of gaining time. Believing that the current situation will be solved with time, that this is the remedy, and not attacking the root problems that exist.

Thank you, Edison Restrepo, for these windows and these spaces to offer, at least, a vision that contrasts with the informative unidirectionality that Colombia lives. And with the misrepresentation of the facts, the concealment of the massacres, which are not only committed in the countryside, but also in the towns and major cities.

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