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Juan Alberto

Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin

Colombian journalist, writer and television director.
International media analyst. Collaborator of the Latin American Center for Strategic Analysis (CLAE).
University professor. He was a UN media consultant.
Producer at Signal Colombia, Telesur, RT and Hispantv.

Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin, the beginning

Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin is a graduate of the first class (1990) of the International School of Cinema and Television, EICTV. San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Specialized in Film and Television Direction.

He practices in various areas of cinematography and television. In parallel, he works in the fields of writing and journalism. It collaborates with the Latin American Center for Strategic Analysis (CLAE). He is an international and political analyst, and writes for prestigious international media. He has been a professor at several Colombian universities.

Ministry of Education – United Nations

At the dawn of his professional life, Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin was a correspondent for the newspapers El País  and  El Pueblo (disappeared) in Cali, between 1984 and 1986.

As a consultant to the United Nations on the Use of Mass Media, from 1990 to 1995, he worked with the Ministry of Education and the recently created Vice Ministry of Youth. He was coordinator of the Communication Component of the Youth Promotion Program, aimed at the comprehensive prevention of socially relevant problems. He was in charge of the communication and media workshops in the different regions of the country.

He created the television services company Con-Visiones., In 1995, where he worked in various areas of audiovisual work. He was a screenwriter, director, photographer, editor and product in multiple television projects (fictions, documentaries, commercials and video clips).

He directed the research: Rural education in Colombia: Analysis and prospects of the use of radio, television and computers in Colombian rural education, between 1996 and 1997. A project of the Colombian Ministry of Education and the World Bank to define educational policies in the opening of the new millenium. He was a member of the evaluation committee for the National Education Award, in 1998, in the area of ​​educational communication.


He was a documentary maker for the Institute of Culture. Later, from the Ministry of Culture, in series such as Signs of Life  and  Imaginary , between 1996 and 2000. He has been a director, photographer and screenwriter in different projects for the Canal Canal Colombia (1996 to 2000). Among others, he participated in the realization of programs such as: This is Colombia , Así es Colombia and Caminos de Libertad .

He created and directed the series Musitar a cantaros – Música y cantos de los Colombianos, from 2000 to 2001. This project was selected, among 480 proposals, to be produced by the Colombian public and cultural channel.

From La Paz to Caracas

Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin lived between 2004 and 2005 in La Paz, Bolivia, where he advised the feature film scripts for several film projects.

He then moved to Caracas, Venezuela, to shape Agenda del Sur , the daily magazine of the multistate channel Telesur, of which he was general producer between 2005 and 2007. Subsequently, he assumed the Directorate of Informative and Opinion Programs of the same channel, until the end of 2008.

In YVKE Mundial de Venezuela (2009), he directed several central radio spaces of the station. Land in waiting , economic and political analysis on Mexico and Central America, with live interviews and dialogues with the most relevant figures in these fields in the region. Musical Chronicle – The popular and rebellious song against oblivion , about Latin American music, with interviews with creators and performers, analysis and musical selections.

Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin. deXmedio-dxm.

RT and Hispantv

He was an analyst and correspondent for the international channel RT – Russia Today, between 2010 and 2011. Since then, until now, he is an analyst for the international Iranian channel HispanTV – Nexo Latino. He has directed and presented several series and programs for this channel.

Among the series produced for HispanTV are: Between Lines , a talk with prominent political figures, human rights defenders and Colombian social leaders. Colombia in the face of peace , interviews with the main architects of the Colombian peace process. New Muslims , life stories of people who profess this faith.

He has also produced unit episodes for the series: ¿Qué Opinas? Analysis program and Vox Populi on current issues. Camera al Hombro , short documentaries on social and cultural issues.

Recently, he presented a short segment of interviews with characters from Latin America, for the Coronavirus Alarma program A daily space on the traces of the pandemic in economic, social, cultural and health sectors.

Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín was a finalist and Honorable Mention in the First International Reconciliation and Peace Contest, Poetry category, among 7360 participants .. Spain, 2017.

dXmedio (español) and deXmedio (English)

Currently, he is carrying out the research:  Links and scenarios – Disguised reality and media simulation. A study on the connections between the dominant media and the economic and political powers, in three areas: the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Juan Alberto Sanchez Marin coordinates the communication and media project dXmedio (dXm) (Spanish) and deXmedio (English) – The invisible is seen,  of which this website is part.

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