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Juliana Ramirez Acevedo

Colombian television series and programs producer.

Photography, camera, and editing of videos and multi-format pieces.

Director of audiovisual projects.

Juliana Ramirez Acevedo is a Colombian audiovisual producer. She has twelve years of experience in the development of audiovisual and television projects.

She has worked as general producer in professional pieces. She has been a photographer, cameraman and editor in unitary programs and television series.

Likewise, she has experience in social media management, in platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Video.

She has also participated in the production of documentaries and short films, playing different roles. She is an independent producer of institutional and promotional videos.

Television programs: Camara al Hombro, ¿Qué Opinas? Reports. Segments and sections. Other.

Juliana Ramirez Acevedo has participated, among others, in the following programs and series:


Television series: Entre Líneas. Colombia in the face of peace. New Muslims. Face to Face. Special Interviews.

Channels and/or portals: HispanTV (Iran). Sur y Sur TV (Latin America). Tercer Canal (Colombia). Trama al Sur (Uruguay). deXmedio and TrasfondoTV (Colombia).


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