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Mafia rules and kills in Colombia

Institutions taken over. Impunity and power, the ends.

The Mafia rules and kills in Colombia, and has taken over the institutions, from the government to the judiciary. That is why the protest is so lonely and hard.


Mafia rules and kills in Colombia, and took over all institutions. Such a reality made the protest in a country with intolerant elites even lonelier and harsher. The situation of citizens in the streets, relentlessly attacked by police forces, is desperate. There is no justice to protect them either.

Comments by international analyst Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín in an interview with the international channel HispanTV. Below is the written version of the analysis.

An aberrant impunity

Colombia has endured centuries of abhorrent impunity, and instead of something being done to reduce it, every effort is being made to worsen the situation.

Injustices are not new here, nor are massacres or human rights violations. In Colombia it is not a question of ideology, of a confrontation between right-wing or left-wing militants.

Nor is it a matter of class struggle, of the atavistic struggle between rich and poor, as certain elements try to make it seem. Or it is not only about that.

The essential problem is that we are facing a criminal elite in power. An organized mafia that has always acted in the shadows, at the service of the oligarchies, and that has been ruling Colombia for more than two centuries.

This elite is made up of landowners, large cattle ranchers, agribusinesses, regional and local political bosses and castes, and some upstarts linked to crime.

National Police, instrument of criminal elites

It must be clear that there have always been links between that national, centralist oligarchy and those regional and local powers. This is not new. Such affinity has triggered and sustained many of the wars we have endured throughout history. The Thousand Days War, La Violencia, in short.

It is a commonwealth that has also acted similarly over time. Through assassinations, massacres, displacements. It has done it through hit men, gunmen, birds, mercenaries, and, here is the surprise, the National Police.

This is how it was born as an institution, or officialized, the conformation was given by that course. As a result of Law 61 of 1888, known as the “Law of the Horses”. Imagine, we are talking about much more than a century.

The hordes of bandits, the castro-chavistas of that time, who were cutting up horses in some municipalities of Valle del Cauca, were set up. I do not remember if Palmira or Pradera. And the coup president of that time, Miguel Antonio Caro, issued that law.

This law allowed the government to prevent and repress, without the need for a trial, crimes and faults that affected public order or the right to property. The law imposed all kinds of penalties, including, of course, imprisonment and the loss of political rights. Exactly what Ivan Duque‘s recent law does.

It turns out that the Law of the Horses did not originate from the alleged bandoleros. It was the village goofballs who were the ones who were disjugating the horses. That is the origin of our justice.

Mafia rules and kills in Colombia

The mafia has ruled and killed in Colombia for a long time. Of course, it is different now. Today it is even more serious. Because there are very deep links between the regional and national elites and the big drug trafficking structures.

These criminal circles no longer work only for the oligarchies of Bogota, Cauca, Santander. They are in charge of the country, and, in addition, they are now art and part of the drug trafficking mafias.

They no longer only have Congress, Senate and House, or Government, they have each and every one of the control entities. From the Prosecutor’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, the Comptroller’s Office, to the Ombudsman’s Office, which is the defender, but of the murderers.

Then, of course, there will be no justice at all while this Government lasts. There will only be justice when these criminals leave power, and they will not do it in a nice way. That is the sad thing.

We have to be very careful with the next elections. The international community is fundamental in this aspect, because on their own, with good will, they will not leave power.

The endless protest

The population is in the streets and is determined to stay there. The young people have done a very commendable job. Also, they are expressing their weariness, and they refuse to remain silent. They are willing to stay in the fight even if they are killed.

Colombian society is cornered. The pandemic did its thing, but the crisis came before. The last two years before the pandemic were a generalized crisis of violence. Not only in terms of economic issues, that is not even worth talking about, but also in terms of the deepening of violence.

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