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Repression in Colombia: tactics of the weak government

Duque’s lack of greatness will barely suffice for him to be one more criminal among the many whose images hang in the hall of presidents of the Casa de Nariño, whose guapezas swell Colombia’s patriotic history.


Repression in Colombia: tactics of the weak government of Iván Duque in the midst of a generalized crisis and massive protests.

To talk about the serious situation Colombia is going through, journalist and international analyst Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín talked to Juan Carlos Rozo, from Hispantv, in the program “El Porqué de las Noticias”.

In dXmedio we transcribe excerpts from the interview conducted last Tuesday, May 3.

A Government without governance?

Colombia is suffering a total economic, financial and monetary syncope. The country is collapsed. And what is that? That is inequality, injustice, hunger, misery, unbridled violence, death.

We have reached this point because there is an enormous indolence on the part of the class that is in charge of the country. A class of landowners, of local and regional bosses who have held power for a long time. Sectors that, in addition, exercise legal authority in the same way that they exercise illegal authority.

It is a class of ruffians, with illustrious surnames and great possessions, taught to see, in the humble people, peons, and in the workers, vassals.

Uribism is scared

It is a class of ruffians, with illustrious surnames and great possessions, taught to see, in humble people, peons, and in workers, vassals.

It is a power that they keep only in name. Duque remains in the Casa de Nariño in the labyrinth of his stupidity, of his lack of personality and character, and of his absolute absence of integrity.

Uribe, for his part, remains in the hole of his pettiness, of his perversity and delinquency. And this party of delinquents, of usurpers of lands, of corrupt and crooks, should be kept in line.

Here we are not facing a punctual protest or a passing discomfort. I believe that something is happening that the country needed for a long time.

Consequences of an implausible abuse

Since colonial times, Colombia has endured Creole elites, as disconnected from the land they inhabit, as they are infamous. So much so, that at a certain moment the king of Spain was closer and more favorable to the natives than these local oligarchies.

But it is precisely because of the viciousness and the implausible extremes to which Uribism has taken abuse that a change is beginning to be perceived. A change that is social, political, essential, cultural.

In other words, it is a transformation that is taking place thanks to their blindness and greed, to the vile way of governing and subjugating the population. Something that makes the future difficult for the people who now hold power, and whose reaction has been to massacre the population and to disappear and prosecute those who do not conform. Repression in Colombia: tactics of a weakened but very cruel government.

What does the tax reform show? Does it go for the workers?

Here it goes for all the neglected sectors of the country. The intention behind this recently sunk tax reform attempt is that the middle class and the humble sectors cover all the country’s burdens. That they answer for what the wealthy sectors, first and foremost the financial sector, may have failed to earn.

This includes, therefore, the bulk of the population, the workers, the peasants, and the so-called entrepreneurs, so deceived with the story of Duque’s orange economy.

It is about, then, to cover fiscal holes made by him and his predecessors by screwing the majorities of a population against the ropes. To benefit economic powers, but also political ones, which require oiling machines in electoral times.

Dialogues as Duque’s strategy?

Dialogue is necessary, it is not optional, and it is urgent. It has to be, moreover, a true dialogue, not a charade or a new deception.

Duque, his party, and the criminal elite that governs have left the country only the path of getting itself killed with bullets in the streets, in the marches. Or rather, before that same government kills it by hunger, by pandemics. Or at the point of paramilitarism and drug gangs.

Duque has only the option of reducing the arrogance that characterizes him. The one that has prevented him from meeting with the massacred indigenous people of Cauca, even when he is only a few kilometers away. And the one that allows him to sit comfortably with two or three leaders to agree on things that he never fulfills.

A leader of lies

But it is not only that his only option is dialogue, because if he sits down or is overthrown, the people will overthrow him, or the military will overthrow him, or his own political caste will overthrow him. Because he is knocked down by the people, or by the military, or by his own political caste of scoundrels and traitors. Starting with his boss Uribe, a front man of words, who throws a stone and hides his hand.

Beyond that, Duque wasted the small chance he once had to go down in the country’s memory as a real president. Because what he has done is to be a good page, a good servant, but a dismal president, a president of lies.

I hope that Justice here, or wherever, will act and prosecute him. And do it soon, so that he serves as an example and that facts like this, figures like this, are not repeated again in the history of this country.

Repression in Colombia

The truth is that Duque is now weaker than ever. Much to say, in a government that lost power from the very moment he took office. Duque’s governability has been based on the electoral, political, economic and mafia calculations of Álvaro Uribe. The admired boss, very harmful for him and even more harmful for the whole country.

Repression in Colombia: the obvious and immediate tactic to which cowardly governments resort. Duque, of course, does not have the imagination for more. His weakness prevents him from breaking his submission to the forces that put him there.

Duque’s lack of greatness will be enough for him to be one more criminal among the many whose images hang in the hall of the presidents, in the Casa de Nariño. Criminals whose guapezas swell the Colombian patriotic history.

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