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Robbery of the Venezuelan economy

Robbery of the Venezuelan economy is carried out in the world, the people suffer, and few point to the real cause of the crisis: the United States of America.


Robbery of the Venezuelan economy, ruthless looting of international resources, while economists air the country’s difficulties with gloating. Added to the contraction of the economy, hyperinflation and the shortage of basic products is the collapse of the electricity system.

Electrical sabotage and inexpensive fence

The losses, estimated before causing them, would be around 400 million dollars per day of blackout. Between two thousand five hundred and three billion dollars in total. Where does the data come from? Of themselves, seeking and finding themselves in arbitrary but popular search engines. And quoting each other.

Inside Venezuela, saboteurs continue to cause blackouts. Outside, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury continues to enlarge the black list of those sanctioned for trading with the country.

Figures and more figures to share and enjoy. Number that are pain and hardship for almost the entire population.

Are these figures true, or even approximate? Nobody knows for sure. Even less, who release them with absolute irresponsibility, in the same unbuttoned style with which they invent the precise date of the fall of the Government of Nicolás Maduro. Or in which they accommodate and play with the articles of the Constitution that they allude to when it is urgent.

The causes of the electrical debacle, these experts maintain, correspond to the lack of investment and maintenance of the electrical network for two decades. Conspiracy theory is replaced by chance, and any access to the stealthy hands of causality is denied.

Calculated matches

By chance, the electrical system suffers a hundred percent syncope a few days after the humanitarian fiasco. Just two days after Guaidó’s ungodly return, and a few hours of unrestrained anger at the remarks of senior US officials.

To recall, in any case, the assertion of Robert Coveyou, the famous British mathematician: “The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance” (Quotes, 2019).

The unscrupulous “Mayan” journalist, Jaime Baily, knew, as he confesses , of the assassination ordered a few months ago against the Venezuelan head of state (Noticias en Red, 2019).

Likewise, “Narco” Rubio was aware of the attack against the electrical infrastructure, excuse me, Marco Rubio, the US senator. And, yes, Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed Venezuelan president of stage and few lights.

Marco in the showcase (from Twitter)

This is confirmed, among other reasons, by the trills. What they say, and their chronology. Unless the distinguished partners had the gift of foreboding and not a soft spot for terrorism. What is clear that it is not like that.

The electrical attack occurs at 4:55 p.m. local time in Caracas (GMT-4). Rubio chirped at 5:18 p.m. local time in Washington DC (GMT-4). Guaidó trilled at 6:24 p.m. local time in Caracas.

89 minutes after the electrical attack, Guaidó made it clear that the attack was of great proportions and in his trill, half triumphant, half threat, he warned that the light would delay.

And Rubio, the Latin boss of the machinations, is even more aware of the details. Just 23 minutes into the attack, he confirmed that the backup generators had also failed. Yes, of course, they “failed.” But a few minutes later. Even if it was a few seconds, they broke after, not before.

Congressman Rubio perhaps has a real-time talent for logical deduction and fatal inferences. Suddenly, he is an irresponsible person who trills to warble and alarms an anguished population, which would lead to a showy sadism.

Maybe he’s someone ready to serve angry soundboard spoilers live. Or Rubio knew in advance the crime in which his unconditional ones were going to incur.

A Baileys cream with Beyly

They invited Bayly to a coffee to tell him, between sips, that “on Saturday we are going to kill Maduro with drones.” The bullies who believe him to be a journalist and who he tries to make us believe are sources.

In the same way, perhaps, they notified Rubio that “on Thursday we are going to end the Venezuelan electricity system.” And he, what else was he going to do, like Bayly, replied: “Do it!” Make him pa ‘that! And they did.

As the United States did in Iraq and Libya: they destroyed the plants and power towers, they cut off the water supply. And they poisoned the natural sources that they could not break or stop with bombs.

The harmful donation

The United States, through USAID, spoke of a donation of twenty million dollars in humanitarian aid that the Venezuelan government refused to receive. Not on a whim, but on grounds.

Because the aid of this CIA partner entity is useless. Something that, for example, Bolivia experienced firsthand with the food aid provided in the early 2000s. A transgenic corn not suitable for human consumption (Sputnik, 2019).

Because they are forced. No country with a trace of dignity would even think of accepting them. Nor is it arrogance, but the rage produced by mediocre and harmful montages against a population they treat with contempt. To which is added the childish challenge that they help them enter because they enter. As the Mexican saying goes, “neither forced love, nor tight shoes.”

The most serious, because they are used as a spearhead for the invasion of countries; they are the complement of infiltration and the generator of destabilization that justifies humanitarian interventions.

Operations as generous as criminals, accompanied by thousands of marines that exponentially multiply the health crisis and hunger: Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Haiti, in short. Contraindicated medicines and food counterproductive. A dangerous and unnecessary exhibition for a handout (Mission Truth, 2019).

To the twenty million would be added the one hundred thousand dollars from  Venezuela Aid Live . But no one gives an account of what happened in the grotesque concert: Did it hit the pockets of some smart people in Cúcuta? I don’t believe. To the bags of Bosé and his band of showmen? I do not know. Or dissipated chocolates for VSS Unity, the aircraft fashionable Virgin Galatic? Who knows! (Europa Press, 2019).

Thief lords and altruistic thieves

Bank of England, on the other hand, refuses to return to Venezuela the gold reserves valued at more than 1.5 billion dollars. The Americans are pressing for the assets to be diverted towards the control of Guaidó and serve as sustenance for his coup activity. And for the wife to hang around Washington and take the usual photo with Pence and Trump (NBC News, 2019).

An added Tintori (the wife of Guaidó’s imprisoned chief) (Washington Post, 2019). Or a Maria Corina in the times of George W. Bush (Getty Images, 2005), before the disuse to which her colleagues of bad cause would relegate her.

The United States argues that it suffocates the Venezuelan gold trade and blocks the country’s access to its reserves under the pretext of preventing its embezzlement by legal authorities in corruption and mismanagement actions. And before they damage the infrastructure (electrical?) and affect the ecology of the country. What a shame! Just what they and their henchmen are doing right now.

Also, because with such gold the legitimate government could aggravate the situation of Human Rights and enlarge the refugee crisis. Or, worse, to improve the humanitarian situation to which the country has been led by the United States and its accomplices. What is not mentioned because it would make the entry of poisoned aid through the border with Colombia even more useless than it already was.

Patrimonial looting and financial pillage

But that is not all. The US government intensifies economic measures against Venezuela in all areas. The CITGO refinery is taken over and its accounts hijacked, to use its funds to pay off privileged debt bonds at will (RT).

The sanctions against PDVSA do not cease, which will become a boomerang against the US market itself, against the Texas and Louisiana refineries, and which will put the entire Gulf Coast to spit the sulfur of poor quality Canadian oil. But providences that, with wounded pride, battered arrogance, and uncontrolled invasion into the spirits of John, Mike, Elliott, and Marco, are adopted because they are adopted.

The accounts of the Government of Venezuela and the Central Bank of Venezuela opened in banks in the United States are frozen. They proceed to threaten financial institutions around the world that carry out operations with the Government (The Washington Post, 2019).

The direct detriment of Venezuela in the production of goods and services, and in oil activity, amounts to 38 billion dollars (Hispantv, 2019). Ricardo Menéndez, Minister of the People’s Power for Planning in Venezuela, revealed the estimates in February and said that “the losses are the result of financial embargoes imposed by the United States.”

President Maduro, at the beginning of 2019, in an interview with journalist Ignacio Ramonet, pointed out that the country’s losses, in 2018 alone, were close to twenty billion dollars (VTV, 2019). The reason: the criminal prosecution of the United States.

Robbery of the Venezuelan economy 

So the amounts that the United States announced as contribution are crumbs. Twenty million that, ultimately, would be for the pocket of Guaidó, or Vecchio (VOA, 2019). Or of the  dummies that prowl the fallen coins and the elusive power. Not for the country.

The amount does not cover what was lost by Venezuela in the commissions of a single exchange operation. Say, from some drug purchase, frozen by the Americans. Or the acquisition of containers with food, which are stolen by thieves in the ports of the world.

Coins offered with great fanfare by the main perpetrator, at crucial moments, which are media functions. Demonstrations of charity that, by addition, never take place or rarely reach the target population. Another custom with these opportunistic handouts that economists don’t talk about. Muteness and discretion, as governments, bankers, corporations and local crooks advance a real robbery of the Venezuelan economy.


Mission Truth. (2019). Five US “humanitarian interventions” that ended in disgrace . February 17th. Available at: (The video is no longer available).

Venezuelan Television, VTV. (2019). Special Program 01JAN19 | President Nicolás Maduro in an exclusive interview with Ignacio Ramonet. (Min .: 12:30). January 2nd. (The video is no longer available).


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