The Invisible Seen!

Special services always on offer


Integral production services for all kinds of projects for television, traditional audiovisual and cybermedia, producing professional products for single or multi-platform support.


We produce the multimedia and transmedia elements you require. Promotional and institutional videos. Educational videos. Pedagogical materials. Documentaries. Reports. Interviews. Series and unitary programs of short or long duration, in all genres, formats and supports, for television and/or electronic media.


We support your proposal in the different phases of the realization, from the idea to the exhibition, diffusion and propagation.


Modern concepts. Permanent interaction. Theoretical development of projects. Conceptual designs. Synopsis and paths. Escaletas. Literary and technical scripts. Pre-production. Elaboration of agendas, budgets, work plans and schedules. Production. Photographic proposals. Sound planning. Casting. Professional actors. Direction. Editing and post-production. Broadcasting strategies. Marketing. Collaborative and immediate workflows. Professional support software for the different processes and areas.


Our parts value:


Accessibility (easy viewing and navigation), availability (immediate location and network circulation) and interactivity (involved users).




Extensive experience in the design, production, post-production and circulation of pieces in areas such as:


Politics. Economics. Communication and media. Environment. Science. Culture.


Special attention to social and community content, and cultural projects.




In the overwhelming environment of the new media, the alternative and independent media have the challenge (the urgency) of being above the dominant media. No longer at the level that, in many cases, is communicational lowliness..


Now it is not only possible. It is indispensable.


Tell us your proposal and we will develop it together. 

Production of series, Programs and Multi-Format Pieces.
Rental and Sale of Professional Video Equipment.
Internet – VPS Hosting and Web Design.


Detailed information in Spanish on our site:




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