The Invisible Seen!

Television and Multimedia Production

Television and multimedia production is one of our key service areas.

We believe that it is important to generate social content and promote democratic values.

We are sure that it is essential to do it in a professional and accurate way.

Transmedia educational materials

We elaborate the multimedia and transmedia elements that you, your company or institution require.

Promotional and institutional videos, educational videos and modular training materials.

Also, tutorials and pedagogical materials.


We have a long trajectory in the production of documentaries, reports and interviews.

We create all kinds of series and unitary programs of short or long duration, in all genres, formats and media.

We have extensive production experience for regional, national and international channels.

Radio and podcast production. Voice-over.

We design the strategy and produce according to your objectives.

Integral service

We cover all the stages of pre-production and production, elaboration of agendas and budgets, and preparation of work plans and schedules.

We take on all aspects. Theoretical development of projects, conceptual designs, synopses and directions.

Scales, literary and technical scripts.

Professional invoice

Our creation is a shared art and a link of trades.

We assume the different areas: photographic proposals, sound planning; castings with professional actors.

Direction, editing and post-production. State-of-the-art digital developments.

Dissemination and marketing strategies. Follow-up and evaluation.

Collaborative and immediate workflows. Professional support applications for the different processes.


We offer integral consultancy and emphasize permanent interaction. Modern conception of creation and expression through the media.

We support your proposal in the different phases, from the idea, to the exhibition, diffusion and propagation.

Our prices are fair and adequate to the characteristics of each project and according to requirements.

Contact us by e-mail:

Through the form or the dXmedio phone numbers located in the contact section.


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