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TV Analysis

Analysis on TV is a space to examine the most significant situations and events of current affairs.

The section is made up of articles broadcast through various national (Colombia), regional (Latin America) and international media.

It includes content produced for HispanTV channel newscasts, and for programs such as El Porqué de las Noticias, Recuento, special programs, among others.

It also includes commentaries and participations in the alternative portals Sur y Sur TV and Tercer Canal. And in the social channel Trama al Sur.

dXmedio plans to create the digital channel Trasfondo TV. The daily analysis of this media will also be an integral part of the section.

They will be concise but frequent pieces. And to observe the environment independently, located on other shores and with different senses.

In other words, Analysis on TV is the adventure of seeing our own reality from THE UNDERSIDE OF WHAT’S GOING ON.

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