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In addition to our own initial contributions and possible contributions from individuals, we are confident that paid advertising will be a significant source of income. This income is the only financing mechanism that will allow us to practice independent journalism on a constant basis and with projection. And to offer information and analysis with no other commitments than the personal criteria of the columnists, and of the other experts and commentators involved.

The character of deXmedio is clear in this sense. No link with national or transnational corporate economic frameworks or partisan parties that try or intend to influence the editorial and informative criteria of our media.

It is clear that the generation of income is key to our survival, strengthening and expansion. But so is the privacy and security of user data, in any of the existing and future service modalities. This is a matter we take seriously.

We comply with the legal provisions in force, not only in Colombia, but also in most of the regions of the world where our portal is available. As well as with the agreements established with the different service providers and other assistance companies.

Our Privacy Policy describes how our advertising partners may collect data used to target advertising more effectively, which, in turn, may increase the value of our paid advertising inventory.

As a matter of fact, deXmedio strives for excellence and integrity in all aspects of the portal, both in the content, the structure, and the platform on which it is delivered.

That, of course, includes the experience our readers have with us and with our advertising partners. We want to create a fluid, pleasant, formative, critical experience that is both reliable and secure, regardless of the media and access that users and visitors use.

In deXmedio we believe that clarity is a key element in the relationship with users, and it is based on it that we have drafted and articulated the policies and principles that govern the performance of our media. Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Terms of Reference and Conditions, Criteria and Journalistic Principles, to which you can go through the link buttons located below.

We understand that this is a relationship subject to incessant transformation in the contemporary world. And therefore these are documents that require continuous updating.

Moreover, it is a construction process in which it is essential to listen to comments, and to adapt to changes in technology and regulations.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments, doubts and proposals by sending us an e-mail to:  o


Privacy Policy.
Cookies Policy.
Terms of Reference and Conditions.
Criteria and Journalistic Principles.



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