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The crisis in Colombia continues 2 months after the strike

Massacres and assassinations of social leaders continue unabated

The crisis in Colombia continues 2 months after the strike, and Duque refuses to dialogue and represses the population.


The crisis in Colombia continues 2 months after the strike, and nothing indicates that the complex situation will improve any time soon.

It is clear that none of the circumstances that originated the current crisis have changed. Each and every one of the demands made by Colombian society remain unsatisfied.

The government of Iván Duque withdrew its tax reform proposal, but immediately started working on a new one. Supposedly, this one will not contain the abuses of the recently withdrawn one. But I can assure you that the new one will have just the name again, and, if they remove any element from it, they will surely replace it with a worse one. An even more harmful one.

Health without acetaminophen

President Duque withdrew the health reform, but another lousy one is on the way. Meanwhile, the health care companies, which are the first and not the second, that is, only companies and not health care providers, do not even supply the ten-cent acetaminophen pills anymore. Because they do not. Because it is better to screw some screwed citizens, because it is better to screw them more.

Police Reform. Something that is not a joke but an urgency. An overflowing institution, which is stimulated from the top in its bad actions. It requires a clean slate, and not a pocket catechism.

As if a change of color in the uniform would achieve any transformation. Repression does not hurt so much and kills less if it wears blue and not green.

Auto-pumps and self-hype (*)

Of course, from the times of his boss Álvaro Uribe’s government, Duque dusted off the fashion of autoatentados and autobombas. Autobombs not so much because they are bombs placed in a car, but because they are bombs placed by the same people at whom they are aimed.

As for the alleged attack against Duque, there is nothing to say. Everything indicates that the shots came from inside the plane. Of course, a few minutes later they found some weapons apparently manufactured, conveniently, in Russia, in Venezuela, in China, ah, or in Iran. And then they offer three billion pesos, almost a million dollars, for any information.

If it were not for the implied calamity, this mockery would make one laugh. And if the inconceivable event were true, it would show the deterioration of Duque’s democratic security, since not even he is spared from a few rubber bullets.

Willing to undo the country

Very little or nothing has changed in essence, but certain things, certain issues, have settled down. For example, it is becoming clear to what extent Iván Duque, his government and his party are capable of going as far as not losing an iota of the power they require.

That is to say, they are willing to undo the country if that seems to them that it may give them some electoral or electoral advantage. In this respect, this Government is coherent with a phrase that summarizes what has always been the territorial vision of the harmful Creole elites:

“May the homeland be disrupted, but may our farm not be touched”. What is once again clear.

The crisis in Colombia continues 2 months after the strike

Consistent with this reality, we are facing a Government that does not and will not dialogue. It will continue repressing the social mobilization. This poses a very bleak future for Colombian society, with new protests and strikes in the near future.

There is already a strike and mobilizations called for July 20. There will be others on August 7, September, October 12 and November. On the other hand, we are entering the final stretch of an election year. Congressional elections and presidential elections. With all the good, the bad and the ugly that this implies for this country.

The crisis in Colombia continues 2 months after the strike, and it will continue. Many things have not changed because Duque has not allowed them to change.

But there are others that will change, unfortunately, because they will get worse. More violence, more death, more blood, more repression. This is the governmental formula to face the reality of the country.

The fear does not know who it comes from

However, in spite of the pain that this state of affairs entails, in spite of the tragedy that this governmental cruelty entails, therein also lies hope. Since this insane action is a harakiri of Duque and his party.

Colombian society is going to charge them dearly for their abuses in the next elections. Because the bulk of the population knows very well who are the responsible ones, the indisputable causes of the tragedy.

People know very well who disguise themselves as civilians and shoot to kill. Those who infiltrate the mobilizations, the blockades or the vigils. And they know very well that they do it with the exclusive purpose of generating anarchy, discrediting social protest and blaming the opponents.

People know that behind the media charade and Iván Duque’s little speeches there is a rancorous, perverse strategy to spread fear, terror, weariness and tiredness among the population.

The international community

What I call the entelechy of the international community can do a lot. Let’s say, by exerting strong and direct pressure against an abusive government that violates human rights, as is the case of the Colombian government.

If it were to really do that, to exert a frontal pressure against Duque, that community would at least be coherent with its preachings. Like the one that behind that community there is a real desire for justice and democracy, and some concern for the defense of human rights.

Rather, I would be well served if that international community would put aside, for a few moments, the double standards that distinguish it.

It would exert against Iván Duque and his atrocious government a little bit, a pinch of the malicious pressure it exerts against the governments it does not like. Better said, those that do not suit his economic interests.

Precise responsible parties: Uribe and Duque, and their party.

No other country, in such a short time, anywhere, registers the scandalous number of dead and badly wounded young people; raped women; disappeared and dismembered demonstrators. Or of young people infamously accused of participating in citizen protests.

And, in parallel, it reaches the high numbers of massacres in the countryside, and the killing of indigenous people, peasants, social and community leaders.

Behind all this barbarity there is a precise, defined responsible, which is the current Colombian Government, headed by Mr. Álvaro Uribe and Mr. Iván Duque. As well as a party, the Democratic Center, ultra-right and fanatic, full of dangerous, sinister chips.

And a whole series of powerful and influential people, from the financial, business, industrial and landowning spheres, who give shape to all kinds of criminal alliances.

Of paramilitaries, drug traffickers and the corrupt; of legal and illegal mining; of agribusiness and multinationals. Or of opulent religions or garage creeds. In short, it is a criminal bestiary too long and quite evil.

The agreement in tatters

If only the countries that condemn, besiege and attack governments that are far from committing the atrocities committed by the Colombian government would have a moment of ethics.

If those countries would exert real and not discursive pressure against Duque and his thugs, it is likely that the president would think twice before giving the reckless orders he gives against the population.

And it is very likely that he would start picking up from the dumpster some pieces of the peace agreement that he turned to pieces.

In the crosshairs: 2022 elections

There is something concrete that the international community can do if it really wants to stop the massacres and killings in Colombia. It is to concern itself now with ensuring that next year’s elections take place in a democratic manner.

Because the assassinations that are now being committed, promoted and protected by those we know are aimed at influencing the electoral process. They do it by killing leaders, threatening leaders and destroying the political bases of any opposition movement.

They target citizens, they kill Colombians, and they have the 2022 elections in their sights.


(*) Play on words in Spanish: autobombas y autobombos.


See this content in Spanish on dXmedio.

Interview in “El Porqué de las Noticias”, HispanTV (broadcast: June 29, 2021), third segment.


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