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The suffering of Palestinian families

Protests seek to stop evictions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Al-Quds.

The suffering of Palestinian families is part of daily life in a territory that has been under Israeli occupation for more than seventy years.


The suffering of Palestinian families is prolonged by the Israeli Supreme Court, which has again postponed the ruling on the appeal of four Palestinian families in the Shaykh Yarrah neighborhood.

Osvaldo Canales, host of the international channel Hispantv, talks to international analyst Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín. The following text corresponds to a version of the Colombian journalist’s words.

The invader’s court

Nothing can be expected from this. This Israeli Court is a charade, a mockery. To trust in that instance is to believe that a Justice designed by the invader is going to operate with rectitude or for the good of the invaded.

It is a fraudulent body and its only purpose is to give a tinge of jurisprudence to a blatantly illegal action. One more of Israel’s many outrages against the Palestinian people.

In this environment, the Court uses tricky figures, such as the so-called “protected residents” status, which allows Palestinians to remain in their homes for three generations.

A blackmail. A deceitful category, because it does not allow the Palestinians to dispose of their homes, it does not recognize them as owners. In other words, they could not even
they would not even be able to sell them, to negotiate them. And in addition, they would have to pay a small rent to a settler organization. The opprobrium could not be greater.

The suffering of Palestinian families

The suffering of Palestinian families is evident in Shaykh Yarrah. This is a neighborhood that experiences around the clock the threat of forced eviction.

Homes are prisons. There are restrictions on movement. It is living under the surveillance, the insistent scrutiny of the invader.

And it is not only the governmental infamy, that of the Israeli Army with its checkpoints. Or with its stun grenades and tear gas grenades thrown into Palestinian homes.

It is also, and very cruelly, the settlers’ outposts, with their daily insults, humiliations and insults. Stones, bricks against windows. Outrages, threats.

What is happening to these twenty-eight families of the Shaykh Yarrah neighborhood, about 500 people, is a double victimization. A new victimization.

These families were already evicted from their own homes by United Nations resolution in 1948, when the creation of Israel was decided.

In 1956, as a compensatory mechanism, they were granted the buildings from which Israel now intends to evict them again.

That is the central purpose. All Israeli forces point in the same direction. And Justice, this parody of a Court, is not and will not be the exception.

More than seventy years of infamy

Considering this grave violation of the human rights of the Palestinians, Osvaldo refers to some possible way out of the situation. What mechanism to resort to, beyond the denunciation. The following text corresponds to Sanchez Marin’s answer.

The arbitrariness committed by Israel against the Palestinian people has been going on for more than seventy years. That makes that the occupation was supported by the United Kingdom, and shortly after endorsed by the United Nations (UN).

This is not about perspectives, or opinions, or personal criteria. Plain and simple, we are dealing with uncontrolled atrocities, which Israel has been committing on a permanent basis for decades.

Nor are these abuses of an abstract or superficial nature. It is the flagrant and daily violation of the human rights of the Palestinians.

Palestine is a concentration camp

We are not talking about a Jewish ghetto, but about the fact that Jewish Zionism has condemned the Palestinians to live in a ghetto.

Palestine is a huge concentration camp. A people enclosed by a wall of infamy. A population subjected to the greatest opprobrium at checkpoints set up by the occupier within its own territory.

The Palestinians’ homes are demolished, their crops are destroyed, they are shot in the streets, children and young people are murdered, they are humiliated in a thousand and one ways. They are encircled.

The tragedy that Palestine is living is one of the most abominable realities of our time.

The concerted illegality

It is carried out by the State of Israel, but it is supported and backed by a number of countries whose leaders claim to be proud defenders of international humanitarian law.

Fakers, that’s what they are, starting with the successive governments of the United States and Europe.

And it is not that there is such an alliance between the United States and Israel. That is like saying that one hand is allied with the other, when they are part of the same entity.

They are intertwined powers in such a way that it is very complex to determine which one influences which one. In other words, they are geographically distant flanks of the same force.

The enormous imperialist, Zionist power, which has enormous outposts of pressure. It has diplomatic, media and financial wings. It is in all areas of politics and economy of most of the countries of the world.

No to Israeli technology and armament

One mechanism to confront this situation is denunciation. Evidencing by all means and in all possible ways such savagery that Israel carries out in Palestine.

A permanent revelation of this clear, patent reality, made without hesitation or half-measures. A denunciation that must be an understanding of those atrocious facts hidden under policies of double standards, and diplomacies that are farces.

This is conscience, and this conscience should accentuate strong pressure measures on the part of the peoples, of the citizens, towards their rulers.

In the first place, so that they do not acquire the technologies, the armaments, which are the spearhead of the economy of an abusive government such as the Israeli government.

I believe that these are concrete steps and measures that the world must take as soon as possible because, as I have already said, this is one of the great abominations that humanity is experiencing today.

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