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Trump’s entrapped society


Donald Trump’s excesses in the international arena, especially in the Middle East, have increased global instability. The government has been responsible for his actions, but a good part of American society also has a lot of responsibility.


Trump’s entrapped society is that considerable portion of American citizens who vote for him on the basis of false promises in the face of their harsh and unquestionable reality. Donald Trump’s fraudulent promises put his finger on the sore spot, that is, on the palpable and daily tragedy of millions of Americans. They pay back in the two ways they can: they believe him and they vote for him. 

Trump’s trapped society, where promises are false and the crisis is certain. The president’s wanderings around the world are dangerous; the imperial decline, overwhelming. Society, the voters, are trapped. And Trump, as he has shown throughout his life, is a cheating gambler. Few good things are to come to a country in such circumstances.

The Soleimani assassination

President Donald Trump masterminded another undoubted act of war when he treacherously assassinated Major Qasem Soleimani. Another, because Trump perpetrates against Iran, since he took office, all kinds of warlike hostilities. On different fronts: economic, financial, monetary, political, cybernetic, media, in short.

I am not going to analyze what Trump’s unfortunate action meant in terms of his possible intentions of political maneuvering. The hackneyed ploy to divert attention. Particularly with a public opinion nailed to his back as a result of the futile impeachment process promoted by the Democrats. From this point of view, it would suffice to say that the ruse worked for Trump for quite a while.

Nor do I stop to consider what the brutal assassination could mean to the US president as an electoral prerogative. Especially in view of the upcoming elections, in which the balance indicates that he may or may not be re-elected.

And that, if he continues to act as he typically does, like a madman without being one in the midst of many lunatics, he could also manage to win. Above all, in a scenario of longing manipulators and manipulated people who want to be manipulators, as I pointed out before.

Double-edged terrorism

In the distancing of a few weeks, I find it interesting to share some quick thoughts about what the assassination of a person like Soleimani embodies for Americans. I do so taking into account a particular historical background, sufficiently exposed, as well as the counterproductive derivations of such an event.

A succession of gimmicky stories that made the American nation great, without its elites ceasing for an instant to be minuscule in heart and values.

I am referring to its consequences for a society (a leadership) that acts contrary to what has been done or attempted by the majority of countries. A society (an elite) that boasts of its crimes, extols criminals, justifies atrocities.

That weighs massacres as justice and invasions as deeds. And that exposes the nation by executing unjustifiable terrorist acts, such as the assassination of General Soleimani.

It is the successive governments that have acted in this or that way. But it is this society, in considerable proportion, although with stupendous exceptions of thousands (millions?) of neighbors, that elects the homicidal leaders. And it is the one that believes them and allows their boys to embark on the many enterprises of death.

Tin Soldiers or Video Gamers

Teenagers who one day are the typical American wolf cubs and the next they think they are the praised Hollywood hunters. Kids who are screwed up because their prodigious nation forces them to be where they don’t want to be. Or those even more screwed up because some stupid patriotic sentiment makes them want to be committing the barbarities they are told to do.

Either in person, personifying at the same time the assassins and the cannon fodder in the assaulted regions, or from the control rooms of Nevada.

The aseptic cockpits where the tin soldiers, who are fake pilots, exercise themselves in the consummation of war crimes. (The Drone Papers).From there, they bomb and strafe real civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Niger or Yemen with their Reaper (MQ9) toys of sixteen million dollars..

But that society, in considerable proportion, although with the stupendous exceptions of thousands (millions?) Of neighbors, is the one that elects the murderous leaders and believes them …

The former, it is well known, are returned in bags wrapped in the national flag. For the latter, post-traumatic stress does not allow them to taste even the family dinner. They continue to shoot down children aboard the insomnia and nightmares that will be the rest of their lives. Contemporary versions of Vietnam veterans, and equally disposable.

Society without errata

There are incumbencies that the nearly sixty-three million Americans who voted for Trump cannot shirk. Even if the aggressive spirit of the president is overshadowed by the even more bellicose one of the military industrial complex, urged by wars and bloody adventures in the corners of the planet.

Of course, the nearly sixty-six million people who voted for Hillary Clinton, had she won the presidency, would not have been able to avoid them either. Knowing her warlike nature, Mrs. Clinton would have them involved in similar or probably worse ventures. But she did not win; Trump is the president.

A responsibility from which Americans are also not completely exempted just by the grace of the obscurantism in which they live submerged. Those who know nothing swallow the lies whole, it is true. But a society that boasts so much about itself and its virtues has the obligation, at least, to find out who it is, in whose clutches it is and where they are leading it.

We thus make the leap to the fatal edge of contemporary social discernment, especially American, based on formidable fears and rudimentary certainties. And on a schematic and dubious knowledge of the world, but without errata at the end of the day.

The misguided sapience that only leads to error repeated over and over again. The bad stories of History. A succession of gimmicky stories that made the nation great without its elites ceasing for an instant to be minuscule in heart and values.

Uneducated, but well-trained leaders…

That citizenry gullible to its media, wrapped in opinions that say little and grasp half-heartedly, gives credence to the nonsense of predestined or chosen people, or with Manifest Destiny.

Trump’s trapped society, which gives way to nationalisms and supremacies, OR to any of the movie reasons spread by the elites for at least three and a half centuries.

Such a society knows nothing of anything about the globe and, consequently, does not care either. Even less does it understand what its merchant rulers do on it, nor the unfortunate wanderings in which they involve it. Not as voters, but as a whole.

That credulous society of its media, wrapped in opinions that say little and half-grasp, giving credit to the nonsense of a predestined or chosen people, or with a manifest destiny.

Such a population does not guess, of course, what or how the Republic of Iran is. It does not even know its currency or intuit it. It does not know anything about that millenary territory. No one has told them what that region was the cradle of civilizations or what the subsequent peoples that constitute it today have been like.

The American society does not interpret the rulers of lie; they decode it in voters. Just as the State shells it out in diminished taxpayers, but not so much so that they no longer have to make an effort to save banks.

Uneducated leaders trained, of course, in the tricks to accumulate wealth. And ready and willing to pocket it through the bad arts of war and the worst of treason. But none of them can decipher the multi-ethnic, intercultural and multi-religious country against which they are attacking.

Trump’s entrapped society

Most Americans ignore that their government, in that remote country, by means of a covert operation, carried out the first coup d’état of the Cold War. That it did so against a legitimate authority. And that the mainstream media never talked about it.

A coup of which the Iranians of that time were victims, but also the Americans themselves then and now. Those who at this point do not realize that they still suffer the legacy in the costly imperialist adventures of their apparatuses in the Middle East.

They suffer it in the endless subjection to war and in the hatred they arouse as a country. It will hurt them in the manipulation of which they continue to be victims. For what is distorted at every juncture is the future itself. Poor Trump’s entrapped society! Poor American society in the hands of whoever replaces him! On the 21st or the 25th, what difference does it make.


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See: USA: Young Werewolves Society.


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