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Yemen: Inhumane acts are taking place before everyone’s eyes

Yemen: Inhumane acts happen before our eyes and few in the world do anything to prevent them.


Yemen: Inhumane acts are taking place before everyone’s eyes. Savagery happens in the face of the inaction and indifference of the West. And no one does anything to remedy a preventable disaster.

This has been indicated by the international affairs analyst Juan Alberto Sánchez Marín. In an interview with HispanTV, Mr. Sánchez Marín referred to the deterioration of the situation in Yemen.

A long tragedy

The poorest country in the Arab world has been dealing with a serious humanitarian situation for almost 6 years. In March 2015, the campaign of bombings and blockades began driven by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

A coalition of nine countries from the Middle East and Africa participates in the aggression. The coalition has had the unrestricted support of the United States. And it receives logistical and intelligence support from the UK and France.

The poorest country in the Arab world is experiencing a true human tragedy. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the suffering of civilians, especially children. Added to the war and the generalized blockade are the infamous medical sanctions.

The aforementioned expert has said that these six years of brutal infamies have cost Yemen hunger, displacement, pandemic and death.

According to Sánchez Marín, the destruction has been enormous in this country and the attacks are directed against schools, hospitals, humanitarian aid centers and mosques. The archaeological sites declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO have been severely attacked.

World indolence

We are facing attacks expressly prohibited by international law. Of the more than thirty million people in the country, about twenty million suffer from hunger. Another fourteen million people require immediate assistance to survive.

However, the analyst denounced, this “takes place in the absolute silence of the dominant media and the complicity of Western governments.”

In Yemen, he said, “now, an extensive series of inhumane acts is happening in plain sight. It occurs because of the collusion and acquiescence of those Western European governments that claim to care so much about respect for human rights.

The Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, made a call on this country, devastated by the Saudi aggression. “Yemen, he warned in a statement, is in imminent danger of the worst famine in the world in decades.”

Yemen: inhumane acts happen

Given the situation, the Yemeni authorities denounce the continuation of the attacks in Riyadh, despite the current pandemic. They regret the silence of the UN in the face of the crimes committed by the Al Saud regime.

Yemeni authorities also described the critical humanitarian situation in Yemen as a “shameful stain” for the international body.

The truth is that in Yemen inhumane acts happen to everyone. And the big media, international diplomacy and the eyes of the world look the other way.


War against yemen

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