The Invisible Seen!

Yemen: Old Ambition of the Saud of Arabia


The best way the looters found to take over Yemen was to restore to power a president without a government and a government without territorial control, in a war of a few days that turned into a war of many years.

Fourth of six articles through which we shed some light on an atrocious conflict, silenced and forgotten by the Western powers.


Yemen: old ambition of the Saud of Arabia, so much so that since the beginning of the previous century this voracious monarchy took territory from Yemen. The inordinate ambition of the House of Saud continues to manifest itself in the present, through a cruel invasion.

Yemen in sight!

Yemen is an extraordinary land and a precious crossroads. What is poor about it is because its exuberance, like its well-being, has been plundered for centuries. The routine chronicle of colonies ruined by European usurpers (English, in this case), successors or counterparts.

Nothing is so dangerous, for the free world, as a homeland with the bad intention of aspiring to emancipate itself. Nothing more horrendous, for world democracy, as an autonomous, popular state, loose from the herd. Moreover, in peace, in a geostrategic area over which ambitious and illusory projects have been outlined.

Hatred of Iran

With the conqueror’s design anchored in the feverish mind of the newly elected heir, Prince Muhamad bin Salman Al Saud, the Kingdom set out to achieve its avaricious goals.

The explicit one: to restore to power Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi, the fugitive and insubstantial former Yemeni president, vice-president of the dictator Saleh for fourteen years. Hadi was the architect of his personal debacle with the most impudent corruption and an exclusionary policy of disparate autonomies. He was, of course, quite friendly to the Saudis and the Americans.

Yemen: old ambition of the Saudis of Arabia. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this voracious monarchy has taken territory from Yemen. At the beginning of the 21st century, the purpose remains the same.

The implicit goal: to eliminate, in the first instance, the popular Ansarollah (“supporters of God”) movement from the political life of the country. At the same time, to counteract the gradual regional ascendancy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Saudis see the Persian country as the biggest obstacle to their cherished regional supremacy. Iran is a major obstacle to them, among others, the first pillar of Bin Salman’s Vision 2030, which is to make Saudi Arabia the “heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds“. And of the Middle East.

Yemen: Old Ambition of the Saud of Arabia.

And the unmentionable goal: to take over the strategic points of Yemen and to control the fundamental routes. Sections of territory, the port of Aden and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait have long been in Saudi Arabia’s plans.

Through them, the Saudis plan to take oil directly, avoiding the passage through the Strait of Hormuz, off the coast of Iran.

The crossings and the seas that bathe the Yemeni coasts are at the heart of the scheme. They are part of an old ambition of the House of Saud. And a complement: the construction of the oil pipeline also long dreamed of by Arabia, which would pass through northern Yemen (Middle East Eye, 2019).

Yemen: old ambition of the Saudis of Arabia. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this voracious monarchy has taken territory from Yemen. At the beginning of the 21st century, the purpose remains the same.

A ruler without a government

The Saudi-American duo bet on the incapable Hadi, perhaps because they did not identify a better henchman. Or because in those deserts of convenience the best, simultaneously, is the worst person.

The international community, that entelechy without impact, largely recognizes Hadi as the legitimate ruler. So does the United Nations, an organization without congruence or weight, which is shipwrecked in its own denunciations, declarations and reports. The alleged ruler was sentenced to death in absentia (in absentia) for “high treason”. His government is an entity lacking consistency. But useful for opportunistic purposes of undermining and dividing the country.

The former ruler was declared a traitor for allying with Washington and Riyadh to regain, through foreign invasion, the lost throne. And for not giving a damn about “the security, independence and territorial integrity of the country” as stated by the then attorney general (Hispantv, 2015), while Hadi was sneaking off to Riyadh. It is not Richard III, but it could have been: “The kingdom for a horse”. Or for a camel. Arabs, undoubtedly.

The UN and the unpresentable president

Such a contemptible character is the presentable president for the UN. It is not surprising, in fact, since it was his Security Council, through Resolution 2216, which endorsed the attack. The Council thus sought to legitimize an action that was clearly illegal.

This was also the body that endorsed the so-called Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative. The biased and improper proposal of a league at the orders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. An association to commit crimes under the orders of thugs.

The UN, as unpresentable as Hadi, which still, for the umpteenth time, through its World Health Organization (WHO), disallows the humanitarian medical bridge from Sana’a airport (Almasirah, 2019).

One of the many stealthy ways to kill thirty thousand patients requiring treatment abroad. Yemenis urge it. It is not migraine they suffer from. They are victims of hail fire and indiscriminate air strikes raining down by the thousands in a region of little rain and no water.

Against the health of Yemenis

At least sixty thousand patients are treated in hospitals. Half destroyed, scarce, without basic supplies. Centers that barely exist thanks to the superhuman effort of the compatriots and of one or another honest foreign institution whose help did not vanish.

The assignments of Prince Bin Salman, apprentice tyrant and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom, of course, were spoiled from start to finish.

The hospitals blown up have not been collateral damage, but targets in the crosshairs. It was reflected by The American Conservative (2019) with frightening irony, when an airstrike hit a Save the Children-supported hospital and killed seven people, including four children. “Saudi coalition bombs save children’s hospital in Yemen,” the portal headlined.

In passing, the paleoconservative U.S. media outlet issues a peremptory warning, “When you hear (U.S.) Administration officials and members of the (U.S.) Congress defend U.S. involvement in this war, remember that this is what they are defending.” How could I forget! And it is forgotten.

The tasks of Prince Bin Salman, apprentice tyrant and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom, of course, were botched from start to finish. Ansarollah has no end in sight. And Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi is certainly finished.

Six articles reviewed. Original publication: November 3, 2019. Portal del canal internacio Hispantv.


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